PS4 o’clock: Sony & DRM – what’s next-gen mean to digital rights managment

OPM: Here’s the first of a new weekly show looking at what people are talking about in the world of PlayStation 4. This week myself & Meiks are discussing the recent developments in DRM, next-gen second hand games and Sony’s reaction so far to public opinion.

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GribbleGrunger2057d ago

People need to watch this to put things in perspective.

carmelo432057d ago

This doesn't bother me at all I don't buy used games anyways nor lend my games out,I think we are at the age where who buys used games anyways

FrightfulActions2057d ago

I don't buy used games or lend my games out either but that doesn't mean I have no problem with DRM. Just because something doesn't affect you personally doesn't mean it doesn't hurt others. I may not use Gamestop or used games but I don't overlook the fact that a lot of gamers do.

DRM has never been an issue for me personally but I still support the 'movement' of not having DRM on PS4.

With prices the way they are and work being hard to come by these days some gamers rely more on buying a game used instead of shelling out 60 bucks for a game that might suck anyway. Least when you buy the game used you won't feel as cheated when the quality of that game turns out to be crap and only 6 hours long.

How many players wish they had bought the new Aliens game used at a cheap price instead of giving $60 for that piece of garbage?

This line of reasoning applies to the 360's "always online" BS too. Personally I don't think it'd be a problem for me since I have wifi in my home constantly and have never had net outages in all the years of using my ISP. But a lot of people still don't have internet connections or just don't want to be connected at all times.

I have family members who are on special internet plans that limit the amount of bandwith they can use per month and they don't like having anything other than the computer connected for this very reason. Its a personal preference for some and a real physical limitation for others (not every part of the world has internet connections and not everyone has money to pay for service).

You spend 400-600 on a gaming console to play games. Why be forced to also pay for a internet connection if all you play are singleplayer games?

You really shouldn't completely overlook things just because they don't affect you personally. Try to have some sympathy and think about things from the perspective of others not as fortunate as yourself. The future of gaming consoles looks pretty bleak for a lot of people.

DJMarty2057d ago

Sony & MS not after stopping used games, they after stopping other companies making cash from them at ther expense. Any monies made should go back to the industry, like publishers/developers.

Don't get why gamers don't get it.