Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC - First Screenshots

Crytek has released the first screenshots for the first MP DLC of Crysis 3, The Lost Island.

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reaper241993d ago

So, this is multiplayer only? And I even got a little excited when I heard that there will be a jungle again. Since Crysis they haven't made a single great game.

MegaMohsi1993d ago

give me some single player DLC! And yes since Crysis 1 it's been all downhill...

Kurylo3d1992d ago

sad thing is, crysis 2 and 3 probably sold more lol. But your absolutely right. crysis 1 was a masterpeace, other then its vehicle net code. But then they started patching it so strength punch doesnt kill people anymore... or explosives dont kill anymore... or c4 cant blow up a tank anymore. Or taking a direct freakn hit from a rocket launcher wont kill u anymore. Basically so much more.... it was perfect when first released.. tehy gradually ruined it until i was just done. Was awesome when u can disable armor and die from 1 shot from a sniper rifle. Now they have armor always on lol. So lame.

Mrmagnumman3571992d ago

Crysis sold as much on pc as Crysis 2 did on every platform.

Kurylo3d1989d ago

Are you sure your not talking about copies coming with graphics cards?

Cause that games multiplayer was always a ghost town ... except when it was first released.