US Virtual Console - March 24th - King's Knight

Normally we lead with our favourite game of the week but as the Sega Genesis choice isn't going to blow you away we'll lead with Square's King's Knight this week just because you know, um it was developed by Square. Think of it as a skeleton in Square's closet! This is no Final Fantasy it has to be said.

Here at the VC:R we admit we do have a bit of a soft spot for vertically scrolling shoot-em-ups but King's Knight really is a dismal example of our beloved genre. It is basically a very poor shooter with the obligatory spaceships replaced in favour of knights and wizards. If you don't find bottomless pit traps and near invisible bullets frustrating then this may be the game for you. We recommend that you give this a miss and hope that Square will give us what we really want from them on the VC!

Namco's Powerball on the Sega Genesis is slightly more interesting. It is basically a futuristic sports game which is like American Football, Rugby and Soccer combined. Whilst we do think that Speedball 2 did this sort of thing much better, it isn't on the Virtual Console (yet!) so this might interest some. It's not a bad game when played with a friend but the single player experience is likely to grow stale very quickly.

So another thrilling week at VC Towers! Oh well at least you have all those Easter eggs to cheer yourselves up don't you?

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