'King of Spam' Pleads Guilty, Faces 26 Years in Prison

San Francisco - The notorious spammer authorities dubbed "the king of spam" is facing a possible 26-year jail sentence after pleading guilty in Seattle on Friday to charges of fraud and tax evasion.

Robert Soloway, 28, had already been found guilty of spam charges in several civil cases -- Microsoft won a $7.8 million judgment against him in 2005 -- but had avoided paying fines in those cases. The criminal charges to which he pleaded guilty on Friday followed his arrest in 2007 by the U.S. Justice Department.

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SaiyanFury3861d ago

I'm glad that some small amount of progress has been made. Now if we can get rid of the rest of these a$$holes we'll be set.

RecSpec3861d ago

Wow, 26 years. That's more than some murderers get. Damn legal system.

Obama3861d ago

That's exactly what I am thinking lol.

Skerj3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Yeah man, annoying the hell out of people or not, 26 years is a tad excessive. You can rape, rob, and kill someone and get out in less time it seems.

I suppose those are vanilla crimes or something now (unless it's a young pretty white chick), the new hot crimes are filesharing and other digital monstrosities.

sumfood4u3861d ago

26 Aching years of this!

Black_Jack3861d ago

crikey! what a joke, how about putting away a real criminal for 20 years in his place and give this pathetic spammer six years. no wonder prisons are full.