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However, with the history behind Frontlines of the boy-wonder modders who've struck the big time, have to admit they were hoping for something a little more interesting. Kaos Studios is a developer built on a team of amateur modders from outside the industry, so the logical if misplaced hope is that bringing them within the industry could lead to a few interesting and new ideas.

But that hasn't happened. Instead, the result is that Kaos has used their knowledge of how games are played to create a well-balanced shooter. What they haven't really done is introduce any fundamentally new ideas. There's nothing here to set Frontlines apart from any other game like it on the market – in fact, it feels very, very similar to Enemy Territory: Quake Wars pretty much all the way through. So, while the game itself isn't flawed in any major way, it doesn't really do anything to stand out in the crowd either.

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