49 percent of people want the new Xbox One

Last week PC Advisor hosted a poll to find out ‘What are your first impressions of the Xbox One'. The results so far look pretty positive for Microsoft, as a whopping 49 percent of you went for the option ‘I want one!'. Take a look at New Xbox One release date, specs, features and price in UK.

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Haules2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

"PC Advisor hosted a poll" LOL! based on 4838 voters

there are 7 billion people on this planet.

And 350 million in US alone.

xHeavYx2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Those results are fishy, unless it was the M$ employees who voted favorably

DragonKnight2903d ago

arcfourtwo: Ever heard of Nielson ratings? They do surveys using only 2000 people and most consider their surveys to be the most accurate example of consumer buying habits. With PC advisor's poll we're looking at more than twice that number. Granted, this isn't a site most people just happen across, but you can't just dismiss it for the number alone.

Myze2903d ago


That's completely irrelevant. Nielsen, Gallup, etc. all use selective polling to gain data from the the most diverse group or the group that will best represent the intended audience.

In the case of XBox One, the intended audience is pretty much everyone that buys electronics.

First off, this is a UK site, meaning the audience that the site attracts is fairly small when compared to the world (or in MSFT's case, the US).

Second of all, while I don't know how popular the site is in the UK (never heard of it, myself), the site doesn't appear to have much at all to do with video games. (You somewhat mentioned this reasoning, I realize.)

Lastly, most people that see polls like these ignore them unless they ask a question you are passionate about, or at least care somewhat. Meaning, people that don't want the system are far less likely to take the time to answer the poll than those who do want the system.

guitarded772903d ago

I want one... but I want a PS4 significantly more. So do I count as the 49%?

I'll probably get an XBOX One after a price drop, or if they have a great bundle later on.

Anon19742903d ago

What's with the sudden influx of articles trying to convince us of demand for Xbox One in the UK? There's been a few recently from the UK as well regarding demand at retailers, but what they don't tell you is actual figures.

The funniest was the Blockbuster UK article, which was claiming high pre-orders for the Xbox One when it's the only console they're allowing pre-orders on.

It's like going to a car dealership where they only sell one kind of car and having the salesman say "That there is our best seller!"

As for this survey, what does this even tell us? What's odd about this survey is the questions. "I want one!", "I'll stick with my old console", "I don't like consoles."

What could they possible hope to understand based on such a limited set of questions? Why didn't they do a similar survey when the Wii-U launched, or the PS4 was unveiled? Why not throw other consoles into the equation?

I mean, I want one too. I'm not spending my money on one, but if someone handed me one and said "Want it?" I'd say "Sure!" So I would be part of that 49%. If you said "Do you want this green apple", you'd probably get similar results. For it to be a meaningful survey, I think you need better choice in your questions asked.

rainslacker2903d ago


That's how polls work though. The questions are made to favor the desired result. Now I don't know if this site has bias or not, seems they are reporting on the issues, but didn't bother to see if they were slanted.

However a much better poll question would be
Which console are you interested in buying most?
1. X1
2. PS4
3. Wii U
4. Other
5. None, I don't play games.

G20WLY2902d ago

Well said, Rainslacker (above).

Also, PC Advisor?! A site for 'fans' of PCs, most of which use MS software? Results were always likely to show favourably to MS, due to the crowd being surveyed!

I always thought that much of the Xbox market growth probably came from previously only PC gamers.

loulou2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

@ darkride

i dont think anyone in their right mind would try and convince n4g of anything other than sony.

look at majority of comments and agrees in this thread and any other xbox thread to see how just how pointless it would be.

yet, anything negative is welcomed, praised and accepted.

anyone with half a brain knows that n4g is only focused on the negative aspect of thing other than sony.

so much so, that no one hardly talks about the ps4 or its games, they spend their entire time destroying any chance of a decent discussion in any xbox thread.

just look at the comment from heavy above to see how low n4g is

btw, i am in the 49% how about that

_QQ_2902d ago

Me 3, bubble please.

Obtoose2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

No, Arcfour, you don't get it. Only a fraction of the people on the planet are in the niche category involved in this conversation. Even further. Only a fraction of those that are interested would go out of their way to fill out a poll.

Now the argument that only the passionate will go out of their way to answer the polls, thats both accurate and innacurate. This particular site takes votes not only from site members, but volunteer opinions, opinions from people in the gaming/electronic community, and people not in that community. Because remember, XBone isn't just going after the gaming audience anymore, they're pulling a Nintendo, and broadening their audience, to increase overall sales, which, well it worked for Nintendo, and brought a whole new generation into very casual gaming. Instead of relying on one finicky audience, they can now make money in other ways, not just from gamers.

Now if the poll was from a site called like then yeah, I'd question the accuracy of the polls. But this is from a fairy reputable site that works with other reputable sites.

Also, the same statement made about people passionate about the new Xbox is also true of the opposite. All of the negative views and opinions you're reading on the Internet are from all the people who were already MS haters and those who were on the fence and disappointed by the press release. You're not hearing nearly as much from all the people that are pro Xbox, because, as stated, those passionately against the Xbox have more to say than those who like what they see and just have to sit back and wait for it's release. In sales, we learn that unsatisfied customers will tell 10x more people than satisfied customers.

MysticStrummer2902d ago

51 percenter here.

@Obtoose - "All of the negative views and opinions you're reading on the Internet are from all the people who were already MS haters"

Not true at all. There are long time MS supporters with very negative opinions about One. Some of them are adopting a wait and see attitude and some are already declaring PS4 as their next console.

As for DragonKnight's point about the Nielson ratings, I'd say they're a joke too. When the story came along about GameSpot's poll that gave PS4 a huge victory, there were more than 10,000 votes and even that is too small to really learn anything.

Sorry but the headline is stupid.

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Shadow Flare2903d ago

So according to this survey, here's a fact:

The majority of people do not want an Xbox one.

Blackdeath_6632903d ago

i would be in the "not convinced" category. there are many more ways to satisfy my gaming needs that do not involve the hassle of paying for online and all the rest of it not even going to begin going down that list and honestly there isn't anything on the xbox that i am really excited about,want to try or can't get on another platform.

2903d ago
hakis862903d ago

This is actually a pretty interesting restult, if PC-advisor voters are from the US. In the US the 360 has been ahead, so this signals a change perhaps.

greenpowerz2903d ago

I wouldn't call that a fact. PS fans are very defensive of PlayStation and will flock to throw polls and will organize to push anything Playstation over the top. They will aslo harm Xbox news/polls/articles/opinion.

N4G being the prime example due to the trolling here but they flood sites all over the web.

PS fans are very vocal. I see it all the time in game comparison polls.


OC_MurphysLaw2903d ago

@Shadow Flare... spinning the % a bit off aren't we? 49% want one and an additional 13% are interested but want more details...that tells me 62% are at minimum interested in Xbox One.

abzdine2903d ago

so 49% aren't gamers and wanna be spied on. On top of that they prefer to pay for having access to Netflix, FB, DL demos and watch TV. Good choice guys!

travelguy2k2903d ago

If someone asked me if i want and Xbox One i would say sure... if asked if i was going to buy an Xbox One, i would say probably not.

This really isn't a good poll as anyone on the site in the first place is probably a techi person, any techi person s always interested in new tech.

I'm surprised the number is as low as it is.

Gardenia2903d ago

i overheard a conversation between 2 co workers of mine and one said to the other: Have you seen the new Xbox? Its awesome, you can move your hands and use your voice to watch TV.

This proves how much they really know. They here about the new Xbox thinking its a great console. Millions will buy the Xbox even if it was the worst system ever made just because of name

vickers5002903d ago

I wonder how much lower that number would be if they added "and would be willing to pay for one at some point in the future".


Because I'd sure want one, if it was free that is, but there's no way as of now that I'd be willing to pay for it. Might make a pretty good TV remote, but I probably wouldn't use it much for games.

user55757082903d ago

58 agree and 13 disagree with your comment. so lets consider that a poll of 82% don't want one and 18% do want one. sounds more accurate now

MysticStrummer2903d ago

@knockknock -

"58 agree and 13 disagree with your comment. so lets consider that a poll of 82% don't want one and 18% do want one. sounds more accurate now"

That's actually a better result for One than the GameSpot poll.

IcicleTrepan2902d ago

Incorrect. The section that has people going with Sony or Wii combined instead is a paltry 14%. Nice way to twist the results though, but it must be taken as a whole. That being said this is only one survey. However I don't understand why people are so vehemently against the fact that people DO like the X1 and WILL buy it.

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RIP_Weazel2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Cool - so the majority of Microsoft's development and promotions budget has been allocated towards "convincing" less scrupulous websites to run puff pieces about this "misunderstood" piece of hardware.

RandomDude6552903d ago

It's always been that way with Microsoft.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2903d ago

So a PC website asked it's PC members to vote if they wanted the new X1 which is a video game console... and almost half said they did?

Wow.. that's actually more PC gamers wanting a video game console than I thought. Good job MS.. even PC gamers want your new console.

adorie2903d ago

They should do a survey on Steam. I've seen people get told off for even mentioning a console on Steam forums. Lol.

Corpser2903d ago

Plenty of pc gamers also have consoles, why is that surprising?

Mr_Nuts2903d ago


Wonder how they'll take it when Valve announce their console, the Steam box

trouble_bubble2902d ago

I want a camaro. And to win the lottery. Doesn't mean either is gonna happen.

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Tody_ZA2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

The total voters were 4,838.

I laughed. Way to try and use statistics in a manipulative way (I quote: "a whopping 49 percent"), and still show that the majority voted against/disinterested.

IGN ran a poll with over 75 000 voters, and it showed over 75% of people not impressed by the reveal event.

You can do anything with stats really, if people don't check what's written carefully.

Blackdeath_6632903d ago

+bubble for intelligent.
there are many famous quotes about statistics and how it is often used this ons is my favourite "42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot." -- Steven Wright

OC_MurphysLaw2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

@Tody_Za yes the sample size is much smaller than IGN's. But IGN's poll just showed 75% were not impressed by the reveal event =/= not interested in the Xbox One.

Also to the poll in question...if you re-look at the poll you will see 62% are at minimum interested in the Xbox One ( 49% want one, 13% are interested but want more details)

The majority voted for/interested in the Xbox One. Math...its simple.

@wenaldy... not spinning a thing. just looking at reality of what was asked and what the numbers showed. I firmly believe that 75% were disappointed in the reveal.

wenaldy2903d ago


DJ, spin that S#it...!!!

rainslacker2903d ago


I think a lot of people are interested in the Xbox, or at least MS plans with it. How could one be a gamer and not be interested in the Xbox, or the PS4, or the Wii U, along with all the games for all of them. That doesn't mean that they want to buy one.

That's the point Tody and Blackdeath were trying to make. Statistical polls can be used to come to any conclusion you desire depending on how you interpret the data.

humbleopinion2902d ago

"IGN ran a poll with over 75 000 voters, and it showed over 75% of people not impressed by the reveal event"

There's nothing contradicting here: I was also highly unimpressed by the reveal, and I still want a console because - well, why not? I want both the PS4 and Xbox One, and will probably buy both of them at one point in time because of the exclusive games each of them offers. The fact that the reveal was underwhelming has nothing to do with that because we don't buy consoles based on reveal events, but rather based on the games they offer.

Tody_ZA2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Perhaps I worded it incorrectly, but I wasn't saying that IGN's poll is contradictory to this one, I was simply pointing out that 75 000 voters is a number to take a bit of interest in. And furthermore, it's not just a gaming site, but an entertainment-focused site, so the demographic of voters would also be very varied, which may give a more important result.

But 49% of 4838 = approximately 2371.

This sample size and result can hardly even give someone a semi. Yet the article heading is making the results seem much more significant than they actually are.

I was also pointing out that trying to say "a whopping 49 percent" when your sample size isn't that large, is misleading.

In a nutshell, my comment was trying to say:

Be careful of statistics, and be sure to not just read the results of a survey or poll, but what its components and circumstances are.

Tomorrow I could post "65% of people will buy the Xbox One at launch" and meanwhile my sample size is like 50.

Or I could run a poll on a PlayStation fan site and ask whether they want the Xbox One, and then post how "80% of people" don't want the console.

Hope that clarifies what I meant to say :)

HiddenMission2902d ago


Exactly the vast majority of online gamers who are active on websites/forums have made it clear PS4 is the clear console of choice.

Here is another pole done by GameSpot
Total Voters: 27,289
PS4:23,797 at 83%
XBOX ONE:3,492 at 13%

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DonFreezer2902d ago

Count me in the 49% -1 bubble.

BABYLEG2902d ago Show
RM-TatoTiburon2902d ago

49% without any games so far? wow, i want to see a new poll after E3

DOOMZ2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )


gedapeleda2902d ago

I am the 1%
I want wii u

Iceman_Nightmare2902d ago

Count me in too, I dont want the XBOX ONE..

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Gazondaily2903d ago

Well I'm still undecided. I won't lie; the Kinect/Skype functionality does actually really excite me in terms of how it will work with games. I actually really like the idea of the controller but obviously, can't commit to it without a hands-on and the promise of 300,000 servers and $1 billion investment in games has me quite excited.

But, its MS' focus that leaves a lot to be desired. I will obviously wait till E3, like any rational gamer will be doing so that MS can clear up things regarding DRM etc but more importantly, to show us the games. Power isn't everything, its how you use it so lets see what MS can do.

AngelicIceDiamond2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I'm with Septic 100%. Great comment to, Rationalism FTW.

EDIT: @Alos This is N4G the holy grail of Sony fanboys. The average user doesn't like Xbox. I'm speaking behalf of this site. If someone doesn't like Xbox fine. But if the majority of the community doesn't then rationalism comes into play.

I notice the pattern continues. People make the usual rounds to bash everything Xbox and positive Xbox news makes the headlines. Its a simple fact that not many people don't like Xbox here.

@BTW @Alos just simply look in this comment sections and every other positive MS news. Every positive MS news that comes through people make excuses and troll it. Every single time.

Alos882903d ago

Are you implying that not being interested in the console is being irrational?

poet2152903d ago

Where were you in 2007? This site (N4G) was so pro Xbox360. People were humiliated & made fun of for owning or supporting PS3, at that time. I own both, but favor Sony...most of members of this site must be new here...because if you'd had a little seniority up in'd know exactly how bad it used to be....that being said, I don't think it's cool for the "pro Sony" crowd to treat the Microsoft bunch, the way we were treated.....crazy how tables turn though

Revolver_X_2903d ago

How is supporting a console that openly supports DRM, a 24 hour online check in, rational? The fact that M$ has yet to clear up the details speaks volumes. The things Xbox1 want to get away with is bad for ALL gamers. If M$ is chosen to lead the industry in their direction, i.e. Nintendo, Sony following suit due to M$'s success, then I want no part of it. Fans of all sides have blind sheep. Xbox1 could launch now with all these negatives attached and it'd still sell millions. Consumers are idiots, easily swayed by shiny commercials. Call of Duty sales come to mind.

My point is, while the Xbox1 bashing is excessive, its well deserved. The whole "Sony didnt deny it" fiasco is just an example to the extent of which Xbots will go to spin negative press. Lo' and behold Xbots let this flame bait crap distract them from the real threat. M$'s next gen plans to change the entire industry. If Sony had the reveal Xbox1 had, I'd abandon them without question. My loyalty is with my wallet, not some brand. Be a freaking GAMER for once in your lives. Not a fanboy loyalist, a GAMER.

stuntman_mike2902d ago

I'm in the uk and i want a PS4 they keep talking like everyone in the UK wants a xbone.
Also poet215 i remember it, you even say you liked the PS3 you'd get bombarded by the 360 lot with abuse. And your in box would be fully of hate mail by them it was really bad. Things have changed on here now and there are majority PS mob. I havent experienced any but it may still happen.

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The_HarryEtTubMan2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I'm in the same boat Septic, right now it's wait and see. I am excited about the 15 exclusives or whatever though

rainslacker2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

If they brought the games at E3 in a major way I'd be interested in it too. But only if they also announce no 2nd hand DRM, no Kinect required(less important to me), and no 24-hour authorizations(personal reasons on this one being a collector).

The features they showed were interesting, but not something I really desire. That goes for the social stuff on PS4 as well. If it's there, then so be it, maybe I'll come to like it. I also understand why these companies are pursuing those markets, and don't blame them for doing so. It's really no different than those features being supplemental to the past couple gens extra features. But it won't be a deciding factor in my purchase.

Right now I have enough money saved up to buy both along with 4 games each on launch day. But that doesn't mean I have to spend that. I will give my money to the company that doesn't restrict my purchases. And yes, I wouldn't buy a PS4 if they end up doing it too.

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lnvisibleMan2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Statistics aren't as reliable as some people think. Don't assume that this poll represent the gaming market as a whole. The article didn't state anything about the demographic who took part in the poll. For example if you where to ask people at E3 walking around Microsoft booth if they where getting an xbox one the figure would be a lot higher than 49%. To the contary if you where to ask someone walking around Sony booth the figure probably be a lower.

Besides people are extremely fickle so this figure could rise or fall over the next coming months.

falviousuk2903d ago

yet people were all over the article the other day from IGN regarding the twitter push, where it showed about 90% of people were pushing for PS4 as opposed to only about 10% for the new xbox.
But i guess that one is right, and this one is wrong.

Hang on a minute until i put on my fanboy spectacles.

I prefer to be a gamer that games, not rant about what hardware im playing on, even though we know very little about what the capabilities of either console are fully.

Reverent2903d ago

Granted, IGN's poll had 75k people while THIS poll only had 4k. Not saying either prove any facts, but the IGN one is by far more reliable.

MRMagoo1232903d ago

and the IGN one was gamers not pc tech ppl.

falviousuk2902d ago

of course the IGN poll is accurate, it puts PS4 so far ahead of the new Xbox. /s

nypifisel2903d ago

I think much of it is whether there's an educated consumer or not answering those polls. Even people with interests in gaming doesn't know half of it. They tend not to critically look at a product and rather just swallow any marketing as a whole.

Educated (in the sense of reading up on gaming systems) probably leans more towards the PS4 while an uninterested market with uneducated consumers would lean more towards the xbox. They see that you can flicker through channels and think "Cool" without ever thinking about any problems that could bring - and some just want that.

Hicken2903d ago

THIS. If you hadn't said it, I would have.

The thing about this poll is that we don't know how many people actually know ANYTHING about the Xbox One. Odds are that people are excited because it's an Xbox, but have no clue what the device is all about.

The IGN poll, on the other hand, asks a question about a specific event. In order to even answer, you have to be familiar with the event. Which means the people who responded automatically know the subject of the poll... unless they're lying.

So this poll had almost 5000 people respond. That, in and of itself, isn't overly significant. But what IS significant- and what we have no info on- is how many people who responded are actually familiar with the XBOne in the first place.

rainslacker2903d ago

It's probably safe to assume that the people taking part in this poll were probably interested in video games. Except that 9% maybe. To that end, since the page did have links to articles reporting on the issues, it's safe to assume their readership also knew about it mostly.

The problem with using these numbers as anything defining is that there is no transparency into what kind of people were taking the poll. The way the options were presented left a lot to be desired as well.

nypifisel2903d ago


I know lots of people who played video games their whole life and visits dedicated websites to read up on their hobby that still have no idea about what limitations the Xbox One might present us. Heck a lot of journalists doesn't even seem to get it or are unbiased - the cardinal sin of video game journalism.

One might call me biased, matter of the fact is that I as an educated consumer sees a lot of problems with the direction Microsoft are pushing its new consoles. So this is not really even a problem for me but rather for the uneducated consumer that doesn't know better and might get a product they didn't expect.

Gimmemorebubblez2903d ago

.............................. ...............-_-

Enemy2903d ago

Lol, don't stop posting, Frigid. It's always funny reading your posts. I feel sorry for the uninformed 49%.

OlgerO2903d ago Show
Shadow Flare2903d ago

The power of One isn't growing, it's still DDR3 I'm afraid Frigid