Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4: Conversations with Creators

With Killzone Shadow Fall, we are part of an exciting line up of launch titles for PS4. This is both daunting and exciting, but a good feeling to have!

Since the game’s announcement earlier this year at the PlayStation Meeting 2013, we have been hard at work on Killzone Shadow Fall. At the event, we were able to give you a brief glimpse of the direction we are taking the game with live on-stage gameplay. The demonstration focused on setting up the new conflict between the two warring factions that now occupy the same world, we are very much looking forward to sharing more of the exciting new gameplay opportunities soon.

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Zechs343776d ago

Very few games can rival the atmosphere that the Killzone games provide. I hope they push it to the max and seeing as this is a launch title, things will only get better!

Same for Infamous Second Son!

NukaCola3776d ago

Most likely playable to demo the systems UI and social integration like live streaming and how you can jump into matches on the fly.

Majin-vegeta3776d ago

Can't wait for this.Hopefully they bring back the Dark and Gritty atmosphere from KZ2 and the multi.

Kyosuke_Sanada3776d ago

And the weight. For the first time I didn't feel like a floating gun in a first person shooter.

the_espresso_kid3776d ago

Hopefully Sony shells out the cash for a strong ad campaign when it's time.

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PlayStation Stars campaigns and digital collectibles for October 2023

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Unity Will Charge Sony, Microsoft, Apple, and Netflix Runtime Fees

Unity Technologies says it will charge Microsoft, Sony, Apple, and Netflix for Unity Engine games included in their subscription services.

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locomorales15d ago

It's easy to blame Unity and being a cool gamer on internet by saying they are doing the wrong thing. But when Unity started its business model, they innovate allowing people to develop and publish their games for free, without paying for the engine only if the developer starts to making money. I know myself at least five people that started game development because Unity allow them to.

However, the game subscription model came and change all the business landscape for game publishing. Now, selling your game is one of the ways to monetize, not the only one anymore. Unity is not an engine focused on big triple A games. Most developers are small and indie ones. They are the ones most likely to sold their games to subscription services.

What Unity should do? Keep bleeding money on business model made for a landscape that doesn't exist anymore? Ask for a ludicrous price and sell their engine alienating small developers and students? Or ask for those giants selling games and getting a 30% cut or paying little money for games of their subscription?

For me the answer is easy. But to be cool with gamerz we always need to simplistic and made everything a game about good guys and bad guys.

victorMaje15d ago

I have a game made in Unity that I’m removing from the app store by Jan 1, because me paying a fee to Unity every time someone installs my game is just not sustainable.
I read there’s even the concern if someone repeatedly abuses that mechanic & installs-reinstalls the game causing a large amount to have to be paid to Unity. Apparently Unity has no answer to that, wow!

I have another game on the app store made in Godot & guess what, I gladly pay to Godot on Patreon because of all the good the engine has to offer, for free, & using the engine is a breath of fresh air, i.e: by the time I launch Godot try some changes, compile & run, Unity hasn’t launched yet!

Unity had the opportunity over the years to do good by developers but every decision they made was stupider than the previous one, it got them exodus after exodus. Look at the number of devs leaving & going for other game engines.

Do you have any idea how destabilizing this last decision is when it comes to an indie-dev that has a game they’re trying to launch or run.

What about Unreal Engine? Why don’t they implement such anti-dev practices? & guess what Unity is as heavy to launch as UE, but UE is way more professional & in terms of the available toolset & what you can do with it.

It’s almost like Unity are doing it on purpose so they can short their stock in some crazy insider trading scheme.

But I guess I’m one of the cool gamerz.

shadowknight20315d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Loco and Victor you both make valid points and are correct. Unity paying for runtime for specific streaming services should be something they can do, after all that's them charging big streaming services as the facts pointed out by Loco.

And Victor is correct in that they shouldn't charge per download if it's a free game anyway, or if the subscriber or purchaser is downloading the title for a second time after purchase. It should be if its free to play, then IAP percentage should go to Unity in some form. Or if it's pay to own, then the initial purchase should go to them as a percentage.

Sephiroushin15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Why are you defending a guy that wanted to charge 1$ for reloading guns on a videogame (battlefield)... this guy greediness is just play evil at this point it doesnt even has to do with Unity bleeding, this CEO is just awful and should be thrown out, while youre correct on some things, charging for download is super evil, trolls who are mad for w/e reason at a dev using unity could just make a script for redownloading a game making a small dev go bankrupt.

theindiearmy15d ago

Maybe they should slightly increase the licensing prices of using the engine instead of tacking on a whole new fee that starts an entirely new pricing model. 🤷‍♂️

sadraiden15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Literally the worst take on this issue I've seen yet. Take the boot out of your throat. You're advocating the destruction of indie devs/publishers because you think that Unity deserves to employ a more predatory business model.

MrBaskerville14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

But don't you have to have a million installs anf earnings over 200.000$ before the payments trigger?

Thought the issue was one of trust for the most part. That thet retroactively changed their tos without warning. And that they made an overly complicated system that makes it hard to predict your costs.

Palitera14d ago


Yes, that’s one of the main concerns remaining.

Still, economically, they’re almost killing one of the biggest gaming markets (F2P), because the usual margin is not enough to put another 20 cents in (or a very expensive top version, for discounts). You might hate F2P, but the market is huge and important for the growth of companies and professionals.

Also their system to accurately counting installs and avoid counting pirate installs is a full black box, which some sources even claim do not really exist how they are saying it does. Recently they also admitted “two machines = two installs”, so yes, a script kid can generate thousands in fees very quickly for anyone.

In the first and second statements, they were still holding the even worse “reinstall” fee and the webgl fee, which they waived later.

But yes, the damage is done. Unity became open to investors in 2020 and went downhill from there. The trust is completely gone and most of us (dev here) think that, even if they backtrack even more, another backstab is due at any time.

Unity is seen now as a liability for companies.

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Profchaos15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Yeah when Unitys own ceo sells his shares prior to the announcement questions should be asked


This smells of insider trading to me but what do I know I'm just a cool gamer on the international apparently.

jznrpg15d ago

2000 shares out of 3.2 million doesn’t make much of case.