Xbox One checking if you're watching ads? Less 'gee-whiz', more WTF

Microsoft's patented solution to people not paying attention: bribery. Maybe companies should just make better adverts

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FAT MAN GO BOOM1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

That should be just a price holder for sure....

that said there is no way around it but the connect is going to raise the price of the console a lot...

I only hope that PS4s Camera is optional...

It is so sad that it has to be connected to the xbox for the system to work...

that is not for gamers that is for MS... only reason to have it connected 24/7

AceofStaves1968d ago

If the PS4's camera isn't optional, I won't be buying one.

Simon_Brezhnev1968d ago

I have to agree if they force me to have it connected to turn it on no buy. I will just go strictly PC.

Salooh1968d ago

It will come with the ps4 but you don't have to use it. Just leave it in the box until you see something interesting for it.

M-M1968d ago

I doubt the PS4 Eye will be required, it's really only there for games made specifically for it and/or extra functions that would be helpful(split screen flips sides etc.).

KillrateOmega1968d ago

The new Kinect: allows MS to stuff more accurate advertisements down gamers' throats


rainslacker1968d ago

Same innovation that's been done with cookies and website monitors for years.:) If you don't have ads blocked you would notice even on this site the ads reflect what you search for on the net.

Currently for some reason I'm getting ads to buy a Lamborghini for a few hundred thousand dollars because I was looking at trade in values of my old car, and clicked once on a site about Lamborghini for something else. Really advanced stuff there. I ended up getting a Nissan Versa for 13K though...for those wondering.

THC CELL1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Sony done this with Jap version of play tv awarding people for watching tv

NameRemoved00171968d ago

The Xbox One is going to be an even bigger flop than Windows 8.

B-radical1968d ago

Well its going decent for pre orders in uk not sure about US but im just hoping they clear things up at e3 if they dont then im just sticking to pc

MRMagoo1231968d ago

Its not doing that well in preorders in the UK there is no proof it is, and once the uninformed ppl find out they have to log in once a day just to use the console there will be returns and cancels of the orders imo. Game will have to tell the general public that they need an internet connection to use the xbone other wise they will get into a bit of trouble and have to refund a lot of money.

B-radical1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

All i know is that it is breaking some records blockbuster now i dont no if it exactly is great amount of pre orders but like i said even if i do get disagrees the pre orders are going at a decent rate

MRMagoo1231968d ago

Blockbuster lmao you realise its a dvd rental shop- and has been going bust for a couple years, plus take in the fact they arent taking ps4 preorders what is there to compare. maybe read about your sources before using them.

B-radical1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

@mr magoo yes i know what blockbuster is as we have it here in Australia yet we cant pre order things as you cant in the uk yes it might be going bust but it doesnt dismiss the fact that pre orders so far seem to be going decent for xbox troll of you trolling piece of troll i said my opinion which is based on fact so what you say is invalid

And why the hell are you bringing up ps4? when did i once bring it up wtf you smoking, you bringing up ps4 when i once didnt bring it up points to one thing its called trollism

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