Roper on the ropes - Flagship CEO talks Hellgate regrets

Four months after its release, it's fair to say Hellgate: London didn't live up to expectations. There was an unfortunate gulf between what people wanted - a polished successor to Diablo, and what they received - a buggy, seemingly unfinished dungeon crawler.

This abyss of expectation isn't something that's gone unnoticed by Flagship, and a string of subsequent patches (a content update - The Stonehenge Chronicles) have begun to set right what went so wrong. But how do you change first impressions? You can't. Can you?

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kingme713861d ago

It's much easier to gain a following with a great first impression then try to win them back with bug fixes and new content. I don't understand the game publishing world sometimes where they feel it is better to rush something out and hit a date then to give it a month or two more to fix the problems that cripple a product. In an MMO they just figure they'll fix it with patches, but people move on, they don't keep coming back to test the waters.

cjp4eva3860d ago

I uninstalled this game months ago from my computer, its the sh*tiest game ever omg bugs, game locks, memory problems, drops EVERYTHING is a problem with this game, and all the stuff we were promised as SUBSCRIBERS were given to the NON subscribers for free so we paid subscription for 3 months to get the same sh*t non subs got, and the patches always bring new bugs, i really want to decapitate Bill Roper.