Neocrisis: Is the Xbox One a cable box? Technically no

Neocrisis: During their reveal, they made their latest console sound like a cable box. Xbox One is trying to be the "All-in-One" for Microsoft but they forgot one major thing.

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Narutone661966d ago

Seems like MS is marketing it like one. With all their presenter saying TV multiple times.

Hellsvacancy1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

When you see it like this it doesnt leave much room for games

sway_z1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

No, it's not a cablebox...that's just angry gamer talk (guilty!), it's an entertainment box that plays games, and does other stuff that may or may not interest gamers .

As I understand it, MS are channelling your existing cable services through the HDMI in port. So, you'll still have to pay your cable bills to your cable provider. Outside of XBL fee, I am unsure how MS will make money on this.

MS are clearly banking on mass XBone adoption into as many households as possible. Whether these buyers are gamers or not, it's an expansion of their market.

MS will do well to give the Xbox fan base that made MS a major player in this industry, a solid E3.

Otherwise, Xbox gamers should do the right thing, and re-evaluate their commitment to the hardware they game on.


EasilyTheBest1966d ago

I have been wondering if the right hand side of the Xone actually opens up so you can connect a Cam to recieve TV without the need for a cable box.

SpideySpeakz1966d ago

Well, you can't even use the TV features if you don't have cable. So technically, it's a cable box that also play games.

Wikkid6661966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Technically you would be wrong. So, normally a cable box needs a cable box to work? No.... of course not. Xbox One is an interface that works with a cable box. And, it only works with cable boxes that have HDMI outputs.

okmrman1966d ago

why not a game console that has cable capabilities

hazardman1966d ago

No it is not! Their just making it easier for gamers to switch between their games and TV/cable via hdmi. I actually like the feature. Also Xbox will have original content on xbox live. Movies, tv series and whatnot. PS4 fanboys just need to take a break already.....

Wolfbiker1966d ago

Wii U already does this with Nintendo Tvii and the gamepad and less intrusively.

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