Kickstarter Campaign Opens For A Hat In Time

By Orla Madden

A Kickstarter campaign has just launched for the beautiful cel-shaded title, with the target of $30,000; there are 29 days to go for the campaign. At the time of writing there's been a significant burst in donations with over half of the money already raised, and once the goal is reached it'll be confirmed for Windows and Mac.

The developer, Gears For Breakfast, has said on its Kickstarter page that if all goes to plan, we may see a release on the Wii U; nothing is promised, however.

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BlackWolf1967d ago

WOW! Just checked their kickstarter, and they're already at $24,358!! Look like this game is getting heavily supported, so it's pretty sure they'll finish their original goal soon.

It's nice to see this genre resurging, I've been missing some collecting game for a while.

PopRocks3591966d ago

Hope this game is successful. I really like the art style and it looks like it can be a lot of fun.