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Dan Whitehead writes: I wish Fuse was worse. Obviously, I'd prefer if it was better, but after playing through its six-mission story campaign and various co-op survival matches, I suspect that was never going to happen. This is a game of small ideas and low ambition, and that's rarely fertile soil for a good game. So, instead, I found myself wishing the game could at least be genuinely bad. There's always something to say about a bad game, some story or insight that can be teased out of its missteps and mistakes. Games like Fuse, on the other hand, are simply there - inoffensive, unmemorable and devoid of purpose. The review word count yawns ahead of me, dependent on a game about which there is virtually nothing of interest to say.

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TheEnigma3131965d ago

This game can't be that bad can it? Thanks again EA. I think Insomniac realizes that the grass isn't always greener.

admiralvic1965d ago

It's just really generic and uninspired.

pangitkqb1965d ago

I didn't even play thru the whole demo, which makes me sad. I'm a big Insomniac fan and loved the Resistance and Ratchet Franchises.

konnerbllb1965d ago

It is generic but I like the gameplay. Bargain bin it, it will be worth it by then.

SOULJER1965d ago

Yes baby live up to those fives. I know you can do it.

Williamson1965d ago

Ever since ratchet and clank all for one its all about co-op with insomniac. I hope they can one day make a traditional R&C game, if not then maybe Sony can get another developer to work on one.