PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Fully Unveiled With New Screenshots and Info

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan completed the unveiling of Freedom Wars, in development at Sony Japan Studio exclusively for the PS Vita with a batch of new screenshots and information.

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john21965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )


killacal131965d ago

Ps4 and vita is a couple made in heaven.

ChozenWoan1965d ago

This could be the first must have game for the Vita in my book... not to mention being a great Vita seller if Sony advertises "Freedom Wars" properly.

sherimae24131965d ago

im pretty sure there will be a demo for this at TGS since this is a japan made game....

just like soul sacrifice last year, revealed in march playable demo on TGS and monthly updates by famitsu ^_^

Salooh1965d ago

E3 footage may happen since sony have been hyping us for many vita games soon .

Gameplay videos please :D ..

sherimae24131965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

well i hope so....
but ss is not been shown in e3 last year despite its march reveal
many people expected it but ac3l and cod are the ones that been revealed....

for me... e3 is more western focused or japan games that will be localized for the year
since this is a 2014 game, its more likely to be demoed on tgs along the reveal of gravity rush 2 and oreshika 2 ^_^

but still expect more vita games to be announced this e3
sony has already said that they will not left out the vita like they did last year ^_^

araman1965d ago

I continue to get a sinking feeling that this will never see the light of day on Western shores.

Abriael1965d ago

Considering that the name has been trademarked in Europe, I'm quite sure it'll come. pretty much all SCEJ games get localized lately.

tarbis1965d ago

It will. If you saw the latest trailer there are english texts added.

HarryMasonHerpderp1965d ago

Hoping this gets a western release. Looks really good.
The graphics look brilliant.

r211965d ago

Studio Japan, one hell of a studio. The in-game screenshots really made me think late ps3 or early ps4 game.

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The story is too old to be commented.