Call of Duty: Ghosts Isn't Breathtakingly Next-Gen and That's OK

IGN: "Of the limited selection of games Microsoft opted to show at last week's Xbox One presentation, Call of Duty: Ghosts was the only title to offer brief glimpses of gameplay. But despite Activision touting the franchise's next-gen engine, detailed character models, and visually rich environments, Call of Duty: Ghosts wasn't the mind-blowing leap that many may have expected. In fact, it wasn't breathtakingly next-gen at all, and that's OK."

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Wizziokid1970d ago

"Ghosts Isn't Breathtakingly Next-Gen"

Of course it isn't, it's a COD game they will never be top dogs when it comes to breathtaking visuals. Hell they emphasized that their fish had AI and move when you get close as some amazing new feature but Mario 64 did that.

I have 0 respect for these devs, truly lazy cashing in on a milk cow which I just want to die.I don't want another generation of COD and then COD-clones.

Irishguy951970d ago

Dammit man it's getting old now...

Anyhow...Yeah...Cod doesn't need next gen visuals. It'll sell regardless...unfortunately.

pandehz1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Heheheeh Mario is BOSS

Im ok with COD having average visuals. Never expected much from it anyways.

But if BF drops its visuals I'll be sad. I expect a lot from Battlefield

hennessey861970d ago

Cod gets shipped with more features only bettered by halo, the single player is always fun. The multi player is fun, I have battlefield 3 on the PC and I love it but cod is always there when I just need to chill out and shoot the shit outa people. It's just "hate the popular thing" like it always has and always will be.

CynicalKelly1970d ago

It's lazy because there is no effort going into the game anymore. The map development seems to have taken the largest hit and the multiplayer is completely broken.

CoD used to be fun to play alone and just to relax but MW3 was one of the worst games I have ever played and Black Ops 2 was not much better.

It's a case of hate the popular thing. I used to love the series, but it's going down the drain and it's a kick in the teeth to people who enjoy it and want another good game to be told "YOU ONLY HATE THIS GAME BECAUSE YOU LIKE BF3"

To those asshats I say, get fucked, they are the reason companies will take advantage of consumers, put in little to no effort, release a game I have already paid for what? 10 times now? And get away with it while making millions doing it.

matgrowcott1970d ago


So, here's the question: how do they improve the franchise without at all changing the formula? Most people who buy CoD don't want to learn new systems or even experiment with new weapons.

If you don't enjoy it any more, don't buy it, but don't expect them to change it when what people want is more of the same. It's not lazy to provide millions of people with what they want.

And, frankly, it's hard not to presume you're not the big fan you claim you were if you don't realize that.

HammadTheBeast1970d ago

^ Well for one, graphics improving would help. Two,get rid of quickscoping ffs.

matgrowcott1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


The graphics have improved for the next-gen versions of the game, but you can't expect massive leaps. You have to remember that Ghosts will see release across multiple platforms, including platforms that are 7-8 years old. I'm not sure what you were expecting, but the difference is going to be the same as playing on consoles and playing on a decent PC. Noticeable, smoother, but not "OMG" different.

True next-gen games - especially in long running franchises - will come when developers stop supporting the 360 and PS3. AC4 and co will be similarly underwhelming.

Quick scoping is a big part of the game and, again, if you don't like it, don't play. It bugs the hell out of me, but the devs have said time and again that it's a legitimate move.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1970d ago

Next-gen isn't just about the visuals you dumbasses!!

Wizziokid1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I know it's about fish AI <3

Mr Tretton1970d ago

It's dual gen, they had to make sure it runs on all systems. Why do people keep going on about it not being next gen? Who cares?

tee_bag2421969d ago

Well for a start, it's being released on a next gen console and hasn't brought any next gen improvements. Except of course fish with AI.
People care because they are obviously disappointed.

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Septic1970d ago

"Call of Duty: Ghosts Isn't Breathtakingly Next-Gen and That's OK"

No it isn't okay. For a franchise that holds itself up as a market leader in its respective genre, it has a duty to be ahead of the curve and offer a proper next-gen experience.

What is this nonsense about "awkward transitions" that IGN is on about? So what? This is the COD franchise we are taking about; the one that rakes in billions through its franchise- how can they make claim to be pioneers and get on their high horse like they did at the MS reveal and then offer us a lackluster vision of what its so-called next gen engine is capable of?

There is simply no excuse. If others can push the boundaries then there is no reason why IW cannot.

One4U1970d ago

agreed , theres no excuse because the last of us on ps3 looks better then next gen cod

Septic1970d ago

Yeah exactly. Look at TLOU- a current gen game that looks stunning and you're telling me a billion dollar company with a behemoth of a franchise like COD are 'struggling with the transition' and showing off Ghost Dog. FML

PigPen1970d ago

Forget the nay sayers, I'm buying this!

sway_z1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It's not Okay!!

COD fans have supported the series since day 1.

I think after 8 years we deserve a fully fledged next gen engine.

BF4 is gonna own COD, maybe not in sales, but in quality..and that really is 'okay'.


Who cares what you're think your contribution makes any difference in the grand scheme of things...?


SolidStoner1970d ago

man.. you are so wrong... BF4 will not own next cod..

BF3 will own next cod!!! I can say it 100% sure..

BF4 will own all cods that will come next 15 years! 100% guaranty! I tell you that!

AzaziL1969d ago

BF1942(2002)-BF:2142(2006) = Refractor engine
BF:BC(2008)-BF4(2013) = Frostbite engine

CoD(2002)-CoD:G(2013) = Modified idTech 3 engine from the 90s.

That is why I stopped supporting them after MW2, I was always on the BF side since day 1 but CoD had it's place. MW1 was the big wow moment and hopes were at an all-time high but it went downhill from there.

You'd think for a game that breaks records for sales and revenue that they'd invest just 10% of the profits to make a great sequel. However after seeing ghosts, even a next gen console won't entice Activision/IW to bother making those big changes like BF did when they made a new engine from scratch.

Roccetarius1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Why do you think people return to CoD? Because it's simple, and it plays like a hot knife through butter. They'll never have top of the line visuals, because they focus on the gameplay instead.

I'll just use Crysis 3 as an example. You can have the most visually appealing game, but it probably ends up playing like shit as well.

Same goes for other industry leaders, such as WoW, LoL etc. I'm not exactly thrilled about it, but that's just the simple truth here. Unless other publishers / developers get the hint, it'll continue to be this way.

CynicalKelly1970d ago

I see your point and I would be fine with that if only they did focus on gameplay.. But the gameplay is the thing that is becoming worse with every release.

Everything about the game just sucks now and reeks of lazy development and flat out thievery. The maps are shit now and no thought goes into them. The lag compensation that ruins the game for good players, the shitty hit reg and massive hit boxes... It's just not a good game anymore and this is coming from someone who used to love the series.

They need to go back to the roots and make it more of an arcade type shooter like CoD2 or CoD4.

Roccetarius1970d ago

I'm not surprised that it had to become worse over time. Maybe the developers are suffering from some sort of fatigue at this point, and it's time to change things.

What i'm saying, is just what i've observed from my perspective. Someting i've observed from WoW, is that no MMO out there have accomplished the responsiveness that Blizzard games has.

Zichu1970d ago

How can they focus on gameplay when it's the same game every year.

They don't really have to add much to the gameplay. Just sketch out some new maps, add some dialogue and write up a story, or just steal a film's story (Fight Club...)

I've bought every CoD game since MW1, I didn't buy BO2, but my brother did. I've hardly touched it. I'm more interested in other games, games that don't feel like map packs.

TI_211970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

But they don't.
Even though they claim it again and again it doesn't make it more true. The core mechanics, which have a lot of bugs, haven't been touched in years. And the reason for that seems to be that they are scared of touching these.

They had 6(?) years since CoD4 to build a new engine, but they never even tried.

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