Microsoft – "Xbox One Will Surprise The World At E3"

Microsoft seem to have gone in an arrogant direction. They claim that they will “kill Sony” at E3 this year.

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xdye0171995d ago

Just like it surprised me at the event....

zeal0us1995d ago

Whelp someone beat me to it. Here's to hoping MS can turn things around and surprise us.

Septic1995d ago

"Let’s kill Sony at E3".

Very confident there. Glad to hear it really but actions speak louder than words.

Skips1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I remember Microsoft saying before May 21

"we'll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a REAL TASTE of the future." ...


After all the crap they showed at the event (THAT THEY EVEN HAD TO DELAY) to answer to Sony's PS4 conference...

I don't know what to think of this...

gaffyh1995d ago

Whatever Microsoft do, unless Don Mattrick goes on stage and shoots Kaz Hirai in the face, I can't imagine any scenario where they "kill Sony". If they reverse every single one of their stupid new policies, and announce 15 new exclusives, and Sony have a normal E3. They will simply have had a better E3 than Sony, and would not have "killed" them.

The MIGHT be able to "kill Sony" if Sony takes on all of their used games blocking (it is basically a block as you can't resell personally, and it reduces the value of your game) and surveillance policies. But that's not going to happen.

andibandit1995d ago


You know very well that if MS went out and said:
"Exclusive to xbox, COD:Ghosts will have TWO dogs, and double the amount of fish", it's pretty much game over for Sony.

ZodTheRipper1995d ago

I hope Sony stays classy and lets the games to the talk. At this moment I can't imagine a scenario where M$ would "kill" Sony at this E3. In fact, I'm rather expecting the opposite right now.

seanpitt231995d ago

Yes like activision/ infinity ward did with COD GHOSTS Next gen

abzdine1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

last year they said exactly the same thing and what did we get? A ridiculous Usher show at the end.

1 Billion $ on games? Ok great but talent cannot be purchased, i mean all i'm looking forward to is the first party exclusives from Sony cause an Uncharted 4 announcement for example would be too hard to counter, especially because MS haven't announced a single exclusive game while Sony has revealed a couple of them on Feb20.

Sony has clearly a big advantage over MS in terms of games cause it took them 2 hours to announce some exclusive games while Microsoft's E3 conference will be max 1h 30min.

For me no matter what they announce in terms of games, a console that is blocking used games and spies on me is a NO GO!

nukeitall1995d ago

I love competition, but I really don't like public statements like that.

It is just not classy, even though you secretly want that.

Anyhow, I'm expecting a great show from MS and Sony. Too bad about Nintendo.

B-radical1995d ago

Positive thinking ahah im just hoping not all 8 new ip's are kinnect games i doubt it tho

nix1995d ago

i have a feeling whatever they do from now on is not going to thrill most of us... considering how big the disappointment has been.

nix1995d ago

once in a lifetime you get a chance to put headlines like "Let’s kill Sony at E3" but hey.... they don't.

your loss, gamechup.

hakis861995d ago

Xbox One will surprise the world at E3?
So, since most people are expecting them to bring a lot of games... they'll surprise us by not showing games? OR they're all Kinectimals etc?

Boody-Bandit1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

+funny sean

Anyone that reads this comment. If you haven't already, click on seanpitt23 video link. It's GREAT!

The only way MS will truly surprise the world is if they 86 every restriction (DRM, Kinect always connected, 24 hour authorization) and fee on used /rental games, announce a plethora of new IP's for their consumers. Not Kinect or XBL games but core new IP's and make XBL Gold free.

Most of that wont happen so they aren't going to surprise anyone.

Right now the majority of 360 fans I know are either meh or p!ssed off about the X1. E3 is a make or break for some of them. For others, they aren't interested in anything but no restrictions and additional fees.

Dee_911995d ago

wait I thought they werent competing with sony and nintendo anymore ?
No matter what games they bring, if they dont remove the restrictions they wont be surprising me.

Army_of_Darkness1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

MS "xbone will allow you to also...... Play video games!!!"

I'm shocked. Even more shocked if they unveil the return of MILO!

DragonKnight1995d ago

They say they spent $1 billion on games and have 15 games to show, that's approx 66,666,666.67 a game. If they spent that money on all 15 games, those are 15 AAA Budget games. But given their track record with E3 promises, no one should hold their breath.

malokevi1995d ago

The day before Xbox One's formal unveiling in Redmond, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg described the announcement process as a two-part affair - the dedicated event, he explained in a podcast, would focus on the hardware itself and Microsoft's broad "vision for the future of games, the future of entertainment", with more to follow on individual releases at E3 a few weeks from now. In hindsight, that's a splitting of the material Microsoft probably should have made a bit more public.

Pretty much says it all.

Ju1995d ago

MS is delusional. Somebody there made a statement that he believes this is a 1B (with a B!) unit sales market. If that would be true, all the big guns would be there. Looks like this is MS's biggest kept secret - maybe they should tell their customers, too, sometimes. What's coming out of Redmont is really sounding like a couple of chickens running into any direction because they have absolutely now idea where they are heading. All they know is "they need something to be in the headlines like Apple and Google".

fr0sty1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Reminds me of all the crap talk just before the current gen got going. J Allard talking about how he wanted Kutaragi's resignation letter framed in his office. KK did lose his job (got promoted to another worthless position, as they often do in Japan rather than firing someone), and Allard too no longer works at Microsoft. Funny the way things turn out.

Going back even farther, Ken Kutaragi once stated:

Gates was in talks with Kutaragi to include the Windows operating system in the PS2. But Kutaragi had long seen Gates as the most lethal threat to his empire. Bernie Stolar, a former Sony executive, remembers Kutaragi asking him as early as 1994 where he thought the nascent PlayStation console's main competition would come from. Nintendo, Stolar guessed. Maybe Intel. Kutaragi looked him squarely in the eyes. "No, Bernie, you are wrong," he said. "It is Microsoft. And I will kill them."

He predicted the original Xbox, which he did go on to "kill" pretty badly in sales. Not as much with his next console, which didn't outsell the 360 until just now.

Console trash talk from execs can be fun.

princejb1341995d ago

The only way they'll surprise me is if they announce Xbox live free
Or if they have bought a few studios like epic, activision etc

But the chances of both happening is pretty low

otherZinc1995d ago


Actions speak louder than words???... why does no one ask this of SONY?

M$ told everyone what the conference was going to be about.

M$ showed everyone how applications were going to work: SONY didn't, SONY told everyone what they were "hoping" to achieve through Geiki. THEN, said it wouldn't be available at launch.

People say Stephen Spielberg is a prop...What? That's ridiculous. Halo is already a great short film with great short series through Spartan Ops. He can only make something great, greater. Meanwhile SONY lovers are excited for a Ratchet & Clank movie? Wtf? Who's going to direct that? Did SONY didn't say anything.

M$ won this gen on XBOX Live connectivity and how everything was seamlessly integrated. SONY was terrible in this aspect of connectivity. Yet they showed nothing at their conference.

M$ will bring the goods at E3.

MikeMyers1994d ago

"They say they spent $1 billion on games and have 15 games to show, that's approx 66,666,666.67 a game. If they spent that money on all 15 games, those are 15 AAA Budget games. But given their track record with E3 promises, no one should hold their breath."

Nobody should hold their breath and nobody should discredit them either. It's not that far away so there's no point in shedding the darkest picture possible or the brightest. What difference does it make saying they will likely be crap or they will likely all be blockbusters now? We will see and we will also see some people continue to focus on the negatives no matter what.

That billion dollars was never confirmed to be limited to just those 15 games. It was an investment into gaming and that number will grow because when you have people working for you of course salaries and expenses will continue on as they make new games. That is because Microsoft has invested in more studios.

For some people Microsoft can't do anything right. That's ok, not everyone will buy the Xbox One or bought the Xbox 360. They are the harshest critics and probably the most vocal on the forums too. I doubt Activision is losing any sleep either about all the critics who come out before the next Call of Duty either. Speaking of which I hope Microsoft doesn't waste too much time on that game, it's almost like they have a deal that they must give them the most time on the floor.

UnwanteDreamz1994d ago

Milo will show up. Here is to smoke and mirrors.

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stage881995d ago

Surprise me they say?

So they've updated it's internals, scrapped DRM, scrapped needing to log in every 24 hrs and scrapped mandatory kinect?

If its anything less than that they can shove it.

ZodTheRipper1995d ago

Don't forget the whole TV-strategy. If they come up with this crap at E3 AGAIN I'm quitting their conference just as fast as kinect is processing my voice. That's about 13 billions of a second, FYI.

Blackdeath_6631995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

yes that is exactly the point i wanted to get across the whole time. there's only so much they can change by E3 and alot of it is unchangeable. even if they announce 25 games at E3 i won't by a console that requires an internet connection every day,mandatory kinect,DRM,only 500GB of non-replaceable HDD and an xbox live subcriptions to be able to play games online.

also if they are spending $1billion on games maybe they should have used that money to research what the consumer ACTUALLY wants! /rant

MysticStrummer1995d ago

I can't imagine something more surprising than that first reveal. I know I was shocked. I'm not a MS fan, yet even I expected much better from them. They made a similar statement before that first reveal so I'm not sure what people should get out of this bold posturing.

NextGen24Gamer1995d ago

“We will kill Sony at E3″

That's all Xbox Live Gamers need to hear! With me having inside information that I can't share. I actually know they will have the base super excited at E3. Let me say this...There is a reason that the xbox 360 hasn't had a ton of exclusives over the last few years.

Xbox One will give xbox fans exactly what they want in regards to mind blowing next gen games! At E3 if anyone actually believed that the ps4 games will be superior to the xbox one games....They will realzie that MS had a specific plan with the hardware & cloud computing!

It's an exciting time to be a gamer! And the one company who won't see what will be going down happening, is SONY! They took the route of raw power...But MS took a different route, which in the ends leads to bigger game worlds, better graphics, and gameplay!

The xbox one controller adds to the gaming experience with the HD Rumble!

For the Sony fans who never intended on buying an xbox one, many will secretly buy an xbox one once they see the innovation of great games at E3. MS has invested over a billion dollars in games for the xbox one in just the release year! They know what gamers want and Gamers will be blown away!

Get your popcorn out and enjoy the show! For those who thought that MS was all about TV, sports, and TV now...LOL...Boy are you wrong! They just added features to bring in more people to the platform!

Kudo's MS...

P.S. I know Sony Fans won't believe or understand what is about to go down! You can talk bad or hate all you want! The truth will be shown at E3...And Real Gamers will rejoice!

Dee_911995d ago

now you have insider information ELITE?

MysticStrummer1995d ago

@Elite - I wonder why MS didn't tell Epic about One's magic technology? PS4 outperformed One running Unreal Engine 4.

Also, MS needs to talk about more than games at E3 if they intend to recover from the first reveal.

Nicaragua1995d ago

Thanks for confirming that Microsoft planned to shaft 360 gamers for the last few years by saving up the titles for the new console. That certainly explains a lot.

raytraceme1995d ago


MS has had a ton of exclusives for the 360... most of them were kinect!!! Thats why we didn't see core games for the 360.

DragonKnight1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

@Elite: Stop lying, you have nothing. Everything you're saying is stuff MS already tried to boast about. Guess who else has Cloud technology? Sony. Guess who can't outperform Sony in hardware? Microsoft. Guess what using Cloud technology to improve games means? It means the system itself becomes a bottleneck. It also means games that will have an always-online requirement. You think that a once a day mandatory check is bad, how bad do you think it will be when you can't play those "cloud powered" games because your internet is down? Or how about the fact that over 90% of the world doesn't have the bandwidth to make real use of the kind of Cloud tech MS is talking about?

Stop spouting of crap when you don't know any more than the rest of us.

**EDIT** Don't you think if this cloud technology really did what MS says it does, PC would have done it already?

DoesUs1995d ago

@Elite...I've been in this industry for 19 years, and i work this all the major players. I'm afraid your "insider" information is er, worthless 8) Now, I can tell you things, but...anyway prepare to be disappointed 8)

threefootwang1994d ago

@ Elite

Do you type this garbage out before you write it publicly? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. How can you be so possibly deluded by MS and all there BS they throw at gamers? Hell, I was an Xbox + 360 fan since the beginning but the crap they're pulling now is just ridiculous, in fact this is what myself and I think everyone else here has to say about your post:

"What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

Stop lying to yourself, buy a PS4 (or even a Wii U at this point; they'll still have better games then Xbone(r)

MoveTheGlow1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Elite, I have a problem. I think I just "realzied" all over your post. I'm so sorry.

Still, all this talk about "You can't buy talent" isn't true. You can. It's called employment. However, you can buy all that talent and squander it - that's called mismanagement.

Let's see if MS practices what it preaches. I'm guessing not, because there's already a source, from the beginning of the month, that says MS is six months behind on their games schedule, and projects have been cancelled because they weren't coming together:

Those 15 exclusives may be shells of what they were set out to be originally. Or, a good portion of that billion dollars was originally wasted on other projects.

solidjun51994d ago

Either you're a PR for MS for just a fanboy. I'll choose the latter.

stuna11994d ago


I could of sworn you said the same thing about the initial Xbone reveal! And this inside knowledge mumbo jumbo is just that! The likelihood of you knowing Microsoft's plans is as about as likely as everyone on the planet winning the lottery on the same day.

Microsoft has a lot of proving to do, and hyping up something that has little chance of success is not helping them.

Benchm4rk1994d ago


Where is your source for this supposed out performance of the XB1 by the PS4. I would be interested in reading it

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Calm Down Sunshine1995d ago ShowReplies(3)
BeZdaBest1995d ago

i dont think i can be surprised anymore by microsoft.. unless there's a fee for everytime you say "xbox"

Hicken1995d ago

There's gonna be a fee for looking at the Xbox, the Xbox symbol, or the word "Xbox." They'll know when you're looking, because Kinect will tell them.

Expect a bill in the mail, like getting caught by a traffic camera.

Pillsbury11995d ago

It's a facial recognition fee paying system. Every time you look at it, bam! A fee.

chestnut11221995d ago

They surprised me with their VHS Player.

PFFT1995d ago Show
Jazz41081995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

So I guess you are saying Sonys bluray is no better then a vhs player. Wow the double standards on here are getting worse as well as the mods are letting anyone just bash ms on here but you better not say bad against sony. This site is terrible and I think im done with it after alot of years as its a mess. Ahhh go Sony and I hope the real gamers enjoy e3 as its going to be fun as its costing 999.00 just for me to go this year.

xDHAV0K24x1994d ago

Bet u defended that garbage george foreman limited edition ps3. XB1 STILL isn't the most hideous console of all time. Don't set up a double standard

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MazzingerZ1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

It would be better if they didn't say anything as it is clear they see things differently than their gamers customers, what is huge for them is dissapointed to others, that connection between MSFT and gamers is not there might as well be something like Kinetec allowing you to jump virtually into a live match so you can run naked there without risking been arrested or virtually hug cheerleaders...SONY's reaction? "funny"

showtimefolks1995d ago

EA will be in bed with MS because Sony isn't willing to charged a used game fee there MS that's your biggest surprise

What these morons don't get is that some of the best selling games don't include online passes, you make a quality game and aren't trying to rip off your fans than it will sell

MS I for one am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt but please don't give us the nightmarish conference you gave us on may 21st

demonsoul1995d ago

EA and Microsoft Is enjoying their Bromance. Does make sense since EA is bashing WII U.

creatchee1995d ago

I've been saying this all along. If EA and/or other major publishers go One-exclusive because of the DRM, the gaming landscape will change forever. Sony has always had great exclusives, but if the masses cannot get Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, and other franchises with regular installments that sell big on a Sony console, they will buy a Microsoft console instead, regardless of how good the PS4 exclusives are.

This scenario is as bad for gamers as it is for Sony. There are things I like and things I don't like about DRM, but the fact is that it is coming to consoles big time.

MysticStrummer1995d ago

Yeah I'm not sure how being in bed with the company voted "Worst" is a good thing.

I don't agree with that vote, by the way. There are sooo many worse companies, but apparently many others think EA is the worst so how is that a good thing for MS?

Harmonizer1994d ago

With a good launch lineup from Sony and Ubisoft alone, EA is forced to make games for the console because thats where the money is. It goes both ways really

xxLuckyStrike1994d ago

Sony fanboys troll MS news all day everyday Meanwhile all they use the PS3 for is netflix and blurays. And use there cell phone for N4G trolling cause that crap ps3 web browser is garbage

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fermcr1995d ago Show
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Retroman1995d ago

"they claim they will kill Sony at E3 this year"

boy' i like to see them try.

1995d ago
greenpowerz1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

We agree again... All media that have any credibility do not talk about the Xbox One's specs because we do not know them. Those PS4 and Xbox One comparisons are bogus speculation.

We will have to wait until E3 to learn about the custom CPU, GPU and RAM and eSDRAM etc etc. It would have been stupid of MSFT to waste time talking about this stuff at their reveal when it was a mass appeal attempt to market Xbox One.

With that kind of money it seems MSFT had them build something from the ground up not found in any of their product lines.

I have a feeling MSFT will demo Cloud computing with games at E3 as well.

Anyway you guys have fun in here. DANG!!!!!

DoesUs1995d ago

Specs are out there. Open your eyes. Both machines have "custom" parts. MS will not go into detail about specs at E3 i can assure you of that. You know why? Of course you do but you refuse to believe it.

karl1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

this sounded like the final effort of a drowning man

feel sorry for MS

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Shinox1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I don't care , I hate Micro$oft and i still do whether they own the gaming industry with their money or not , i still hate them.

extermin8or1994d ago

I agree, I hate the way they do business, I hate the way they treat consumers and I hate how their 'innovtive ideas' are thrust on us despite EVERYONe proclaiming we really don't like it...

Denethor_II1995d ago Show
DeadlyFire1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Just like how they surprised us with those great multiplatform games. Opens a conference with EA Sports titles. Which were announced for the same engine on PS4 an hour later, and closes it with Call of Duty which is on every modern platform.

hmm....I expect lots of multiplatform titles, lots of exclusive DLC, and maybe an interesting project or two in the background. I don't expect many of those 15 titles to be super amazing. They do have a chance to show off something that has potential though. They will likely show every game they are developing to grab all the attention they can. I expect the Halo 5 card is about to be laid down. As they know its one of their biggest draws.

ThatCanadianGuy5141995d ago

Pretty much lol.

I fully expect CGI and pre rendered trailers galore with a hefty dose of staged kinect "demos".Doesn't matter what they do anyways.It could be the worst E3 of all time and you will still see guys like Greenpowerz running around here praising the high heavens for saint microsoft.

malokevi1995d ago

“Xbox One will surprise the world during E3,” Davidson said in a recent interview, and added, “We will kill Sony at E3″.

Thats all I need to hear! Bring it on, MS... I want to see some software that makes me do backflips.

Godz Kastro1995d ago

How were you surprised at the event. They said it was a reveal beforehand. You set yourself up for that brother.