The Evil Within Preview: The Spirit of Resident Evil 4 Returns | Game Front

Game Front: "So it’s not entirely surprising that The Evil Within, Mikami’s return to survival-horror after leaving Capcom and joining with Tango Gameworks, feels quite a bit like Resident Evil. That, of course, is where Mikami started in the genre, and over the course of the franchise, where he learned a number of important lessons about scaring players, and just as importantly, helping them to overcome those scares."

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mrcapcom1970d ago

i hope this game is good and is a true survival horror game.
i loved resident evil 4 and code veronica. so im looking forward to trying this out

MisfitsInc1970d ago

as far as this new breed of RE games goes, RE4 is the only one that matters too me, 5 and 6 were too focused on action, and i haven't even played Revelations yet. if they can find a way to bring back the feeling of RE4 with more horror elements they'll have a strong game