Dragon Age 3 for Xbox One listed on Amazon IT

After Mirror's Edge 2, also Dragon Age 3 Inquisition listed on Amazon Italy only for Xbox One.

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NextGen24Gamer1965d ago

Xbox One at E3 will shock the gaming World with multiple exclusives :-)

majiebeast1965d ago

Yeah if EA wants to go bankrupt in the next 2 years this is what they should do. If they want to actually make a profit it will come out for PC,PS3,PS4,360 and Xbone.

linkenski1965d ago

So far i'm way more interested in the PS4, but i think we are all underestimating the Xbox One based on that conference.

1965d ago
DeadlyFire1965d ago

Nope. EA's games have always sold better on PS. I doubt they would drop PS support for any of their games unless they want to really shoot themselves in the foot.

Both listings from Amazon Italy confirms its same place listing titles for same platform. I expect them to update thier PS4 libraries for future titles soon as well. Its EA. If they make an exclusive title I think 30% of gamers would die of due to shock.

urwifeminder1965d ago

Could not finish the other two games I guess im still playing them ha too big cant be botherd.

FrigidDARKNESS1965d ago

Dragon Age 3 aMirrors Edge 2 listd only for xbox. Now im waiting for some type of exclusive deal for BF4 . Of course these games will be on the ps4 maybe their is a clause in that EA deal to list xbox only.

SnakeCQC1965d ago

they will be announced as multi plats at e3

KrisButtar1965d ago

The way EA spams DLC, I will wait for the ultimate edition and thats if it is any good, was let down with DA2

SnakeCQC1965d ago

i want a sequel to dragon age origins taking into account of my choices etc

Eamon1965d ago

I think DA3 will take both the choices you made in DA1 and DA2.

I think Morrigan is very likely to appear with her child. I have no doubt Flemeth will make an appearance.

I just hope The Warden and Hawke have some sort of appearance too.

RBlue_Desire1965d ago

I want my warden to be dead but a legendary hero by Inquisition, or rather a cameo appearance with that of like Malcolm from DA Trailers.

It seems utterly impossible to for our warden to look same even with save import, so Malcolm will do. Same with Hawke, only cameo and no companions.

Also I do hope its one of choices to kill Anders.
And also tell how Varric spread lies.

._. I hated how Hawke took all the heat off MY WARDEN.

CourierSix1960d ago

I definitely agree, I just hope that DA3 won't be Xbox exclusive and that the choices we made in DA1 and DA2 will have a greater impact in the story.

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