GT5 Prologue Vs Racedriver GRID screenshots

Both GT5 Prologue and Racedriver GRID look amazing. Look at these screenshots and decide which is better.

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rosebowl234493d ago

Upon closer inspection GT5 still looks much better and it's very likely that Racedriver GRID is not 1080p 60fps like GT5. Still looks pretty good though.

Lifendz4493d ago

Now I'm really really....amazed. This is just stunning. I can't believe the PS3 is doing this sort of thing only in year 2. This is nuts. I mean, this is like PC graphics card update nuts. No wonder Crysis on PS3 talks are heating up. The system is insanely powerful. Good job Poly.

jwatt4492d ago

Wow both are looking really good!

Maddens Raiders4492d ago

All in all *nothing compares to Gran Turismo. PS3 fans are getting the creme de la creme as usual when it comes to racing games and everyone on planet Earth knows it. (+) Kaz and the gang have already confirmed they will be dropping the damage in via dlc along with other goodies to show off in HOME after the full release of GT5 (oh yeah this is a demo folks ^^). Polyphony will never put trash out on the market and the damage to come will make Burnout crashes look like a fender bender.

The only people mad about this comparison with GRID are X___ who are already stuck with 'ol news FORZA II & only want to whine because they don't get the Real Driving Simulator and have to settle for the next best thing with GRID, which is cool.

All real world race drivers speak of GT and use it to prep before hitting the tarmac. Auto Shows use it disply their wares to the world, and auto makers like Nissan, and BMW use it showcase the performance of their real world counterparts.

GRID looks good but is for arcade players, not aficianados of the sport. Drivers drive & win, pretenders crash and laugh. PS3 rocks.

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sephiroths_revenge4493d ago

what is thisrealyl neccasry.

We all know both game are crap and GT is a higher budget game anyway

gEnKiE4493d ago


sephiroths_revenge4493d ago

racing games suck almost all the time

Super Mario Kart 64 and Chocobo Racing are the best

gaffyh4493d ago

OMG you are comparing the best racing simulator ever to kart must either be 8 years old or really really stupid.

IzKyD13314493d ago

wow, saying that mario kart is better than GT.....someone should slap you and get that nintendo fanboy out of you


You can't slap what is under extinction risk... There is laws against it.

BrianC62344493d ago

Wow, 31 disagrees and 0 agrees for that comment. If you aren't a racing game fan just get lost.

CrazedFiend4492d ago

Your stupidity is breaking new bounds (^o^)b

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MaximusPrime4493d ago

GT5:P is a winner. Unlike GRID, GT5:P is a simulator.

Agente474493d ago

I dont think "it's a better game because it's a simulator" is a valid argument. And I do like simulators.

zypher4493d ago

yeah, i'm not into simulators either. but still, i think GT5 Prologue looks just a hair better, especially in the car models. both games look good though, and sport the best graphics seen in a racer (or any game) to date.

Honeal2g4493d ago

Grid actually has damage ....which is soo appealing to me ...simulator or not damage is always good.. GT5 looks slighty less like a video game than GRID .... which is just insane to me

InMyOpinion4493d ago

Is that why it doesn't even have car damage?

Sevir044493d ago

damn haven't seen a comment from u in like 2 years LOL!!! i remember you leaving because the site got outta control, with fankids and Console bashing.

anywho. I have to say that Grid looks great, but still a far cry from what GT5 is doing, they are both Sims but GT5 is a high budget exclusive
billion dollar franchize, years in the making. a multiplatform release cant compete with exclusives. that said i'll Give this game a try, but dont expect to be wowed if playing this and GT5 at the same time ^^ still

My hats goes off to Code Masters they crafted a great engine for this game it looks good and out stripped GT's only rival in the graphics department at least... Forza ^^ LOL!! in any case, they'll need a demo on PSN and Live for anyone to buy this

TheExecutive4493d ago


Damage has been confirmed for most cars in the final GT.

Blademask4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

And remember, since its on the PS3. It must be nitpicked over to the nth degree. This is also the same crowd that says Forza2 looks better and has better physics.

These two games aren't comparative in the least graphically. Yet you have blind pundits trying to pretend that they can be compared to make them feel like they aren't missing out one one of the hugest game franchises known to man. A franchise that is promoted by race car drivers like the fellows at Top Gear and Motor Trend.

zypher4493d ago

yeah, the fanboy kiddies turned me off of this site for a while. but things seem a lot more civil and mature here now, and i'm so glad for it. sure, everyone has their preference when it comes to games and consoles, but there's no need to bash and insult.

sonarus4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

also important to note grid runs at 30fps GT5P runs at 60fps. Grid has damage which is nice but it isn't sim. Only non sim racer i am interested in this yr is motorstorm 2. If grid is nice i'll check it out but just as i didn't really like dirt i also probably won't like grid. Plus it seems to be over simplified for beginners.

@everyone complaining about no damage. Polyphony digital have already said they are working on it and could still include it in the release of prologue via update. But as always Ps3 haters will always find one thing or the other to complain about.

GT5P looks better and runs at 1080p 60fps a feat no racing game has ever achieved end of story. Also achieves more cars on screen as well. Once the damage gets added in it will exert its superiority on the world of racing games like it has always done while haters will complain about tire and engine sounds.

Utalkin2me4493d ago

How to simulate on how to not be a racing game. Seriously there is no physics in the game at all. I have never seen a car that comes to a halt when you try to take a turn without drifting. And i can hit a wall at 100 mph and i don't lose anytime really. I dont know what kind of sim you think it is but if it's simulating a hotwheels arcade game then i agree with you. But calling it a real sim is just plain ludacris, and i could care less if everybody has the mouth around this game. I call it how i see it.

Ri0tSquad4493d ago

That when ever GT5P is brought up, people bring up the same argument every time and they get the same answer back. "gt5 is getting damage in the final version". Jeez people, get that through your head.


God think PS3 owners don't have to choose, can take both games, right Jenzo? Right??? Next time, Open Zone please -->.

And everybody knows they are trying to get damage for the final game, Prologue is "just a demo" (demo with almost 60 freaking cars, online mode and a number of races).

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venum4493d ago

why try to compare two games when there is a lack of information about grid. The trailer is looking astonishing, but is it in game?

1. Does the trailer is done with the game engine in realtime?
2. What is the resolution the game running? 1080p, 720p or less?
3. The trailer is looking to much CG, rendered with a software renderer.
look at: The antialiasing (high quality). The motionblur (true 3D motionBlur with high quality). There is occlusion. For me it's definilatly CG.

The game look impressive, but we must wait more information from codemaster.

Give me bubbles please

Boldy4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

They are comparing it by screenshots that are taken in-game, not the video.

venum4493d ago

If it's in-game, it's a version with all the option on and an oversampling screenshot like in GT4 when you wanted to save some screenshots of you're race on a usb key. So. So No real time.
So let's wait more form code master. Does the game is some kind of simulation driving or an arcade driving?
The trailer is stunning but...
I need more bubbles please.

techie4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

not in-game. I've played GRID and it looks like Burnout Paradise. Not that impressive. Yet.

ScottEFresh4493d ago

GRID is going to FLOP big time.