5 reasons to go next-gen later

With the release of the Sony PS3 and the Nintendo Wii right around the corner and the pre-orders far and few between to obtain, the gamer world is wiggling in their seats over the prospect of possibly getting one of these wonderful new machines. But should you waith a few months?

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TheXgamerLive5891d ago (Edited 5891d ago )

But seriously, If you want to and love to, play games when they first come out instead of hearing from your friends how cool thay are, and you say, well I'm buying it next year so I can save $20.00, If that's not you then the answer is "NO" on the waiting issue.
If the waiting thing is for you, then your probably not a big next gen. console fan anyway's, probably more of a PC fan. And, there's nothing wrong with that. ROFLMAO!!

Just kidding:))

Mikey_Gee5891d ago

If you are that hard up to save a few bucks, maybe you should not be into video games or technology at all.


First year games don't take full advantage of the hardware

--"Well DUHH , but that does not make them crappy games .."

Lack of genre choices
"Do not agree at all"

Early production units are more faulty
--"Usually worked out within the first 6 months after launch, but hey .... ever hear of "WARANTY"

New exclusivity deals may de-value your early purchase
-- "Bahhh ... for 98% of the time you know what systems are getting what games"

Limited availability of launch units

ChickeyCantor5891d ago

"First year games don't take full advantage of the hardware "

this means if no one will get a new console....there will be no sells mean no reason to produce more games..

his first point already makes his artical collaps

CompGeek5891d ago

None of those apply to the 360 anymore, it's reached maturity as of November (Game quality, stability, and genre variety).

So those reasons only apply to PS3.

Duker5891d ago

This article should read "5 reasons to either get a 360 or wait". Like someone mentioned earlier, none of these apply to the Xbox 360.

calderra5891d ago

I choose to add my agreement here.

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The story is too old to be commented.