Indie Studio Seeks Crowdfunding for AR PS Vita Game

The PlayStation Vita has a few features that generally aren't used very often. One of these features is the augmented reality. Several games have dabbled in the feature: Reality Fighters, Little Deviants, and Pulzar are among some of the titles that have used the feature in a more gimmicky way. One studio hopes to change that.

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Canary1970d ago

Crowdfunding games for the Vita? Well, that's certainly something I would get behind, in literally -any- other circumstance. But AR games? Really? Is anyone clamoring for AR games?

Qrphe1970d ago

I'd love a Yugioh AR game

Zero231970d ago

I know a Yugioh ar game would be so badass !!!

MorfiTM1970d ago

Hey, it only happened because I kept on pestering ZenFri for it. I understand that you don't like AR games of geocatching games like [email protected] but there are people who love them (like me) so we should do our utmost so that as many people hear about it and support it.