Pretentious Opinionist: Kickstarting a Localization

oprainfall writes: "Back when Operation Rainfall was simply a fan campaign, and Xenoblade Chronicles and Last Story were (finally) coming to America, I got an inspiration: since Pandora’s Tower was in the exact same position as Last Story (i.e. the game was already in English, and largely only needed to be coded for North American TVs to be released to a group of fans clamoring for the game), XSEED was probably interested in releasing it, too. I suggested that perhaps XSEED should try Kickstarting the localization. I had a few simple ideas, but nothing spectacular. After all, there are smart guys at XSEED. I assumed that I would never hear back from them. I mean, they’re busy guys. I was amazed to hear back from them in less than a week! And this wasn’t some non-committal marketing spiel, either. One of the XSEED guys personally got back to me. Really good PR there, XSEED; you gained a loyal customer with that one email. However, that email contained only bad news. Not only was XSEED not pursuing publishing Pandora’s Tower at that time, trying to crowdfund a localization would be too much a hassle to deal with. The basic contention was that trying to get stuff like pre-orders and rewards tiers to crowdfunders would be a nightmare. I beg to differ."

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