Former FFXIV Players Will Be “Welcomed Back” in A Realm Reborn With Two Weeks of Game Time

We already knew that everyone that played the original Final Fantasy XIV will be able to download the client of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for free. What we did not precisely know is if that’d come with any game time, or previous customers would have to pay the monthly fee up front to access the game

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Tr10wn1969d ago

oh thats cool SE, still pay to play model huh? mean while in GW2....

Kamikaze1351969d ago

Meanwhile in GW2 you get less content and boring end game.

NioRide1969d ago

You mean pretty much no end game.

Added that currently the early area below 20 is flooded and everything between that and the "end" game is empty as hell and you can't find anyone to do the events.

I loved GW2, it was fun and looked fantastic, but that's it, lack of players really kills it.

Tera had the problem with End game being unplayable because of the engine limitations.

NeverWinter Beta has no end game content due to the pay to win system they have designed into it.

The only games really that still have end game are pretty much WoW and Pre-Wow right now.

keabrown791969d ago

I'm hearing good things about Rift F2P

Tr10wn1969d ago

Less content? you know that every month pretty much there is new content available? for free? and if by endgame you mean Raids yeah there is none of that, the game was meant for casuals from the start and that's why there is WvW instead of raiding, SWTOR and WOW are the only one with decent end game beside that good luck in FF14 finding endgame unless grinding is your definition of endgame.

FF14 will fail again if they keep the subscription model, if the game isn't good enough i shouldn't have a subscription model.

Abriael1969d ago

Meanwhile in GW2 you get a game made with an engine that was already obsolete in 2005, bland lore, horrible art direction and boring, rehashed content.

As for all things, you get what you pay for.

grimmweisse1969d ago

"Obsolete in 2005", wtf are you talking about? If you gonna hate at least make it more credible.

As much love as I do have for the FF series I wonder how well FFXIV will be! The series has been lacking recently! Just because it has the FF name on it doesn't mean it's instant success. Square tried that with DQ Online, and it is just not pulling the customers they thought it would. Even bringing it to the WiiU wasn't enough to entice Japanese gamers...and they love anything to do with the DQ series.

So yeah, you get what you pay for... an over-hyped series since this gen!

Abriael1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

@grimmweisse GW2 uses a slightly updated version of the engine used in GW1, that was already way outdated when GW1 was launched (in 2005), and it shows. Everything in GW2 looks like it's made of cardboard, and characters are so blocky and undetailed that it isn't even funny.

The Guild Wars Engine doesn't hold a candle to modern MMO engines in basically anything: polycount, texture resolution, effects... It's obsolete, and it shows.

Considering the praise that it got from basically everyone that played the beta and previewed the game, there's nothing "overhyped" about FFXIV.

@cunnilumpkin: may want to compare FFXIV on PC with GW2 on PC. Comparing a PC game with a PS3 port just show that you know that you're dead wrong and being disingenuous.

The PC version of FFXIV picks up GW2 and tears it to shreds under every point of view. Check out the video comparison below.

cunnilumpkin1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )


lol...I hope you are joking

here's ffxiv on ps3;

(1999 called, they want their textures back)

sure, ffxiv will look great on pc, all games do


here's guild wars 2;

ps4 will never have an mmo that looks that good with hundreds of players all in the same area and graphics that good, oh, it also runs at 60 frames per second (on my pc at least)

on ps3, ffxiv is going to look worse than eq1

guild wars 2 crushes ffxiv in every possible way, i'll still take my free two weeks though, if its worth it, maybe i'll sub for a month

kreate1969d ago

'bland lore, horrible art direction and boring, rehashed content'

For a second I thought u were talking about ff14

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1969d ago

I think the point is they think they can still charge people to play a MMO that failed. Them going back and trying to fix FF14 was just a waste of time & resources (of course wasting time & resources is what S-E does best). The game is still going to be terrible and if it doesn't become F2P within a year then it's going to fail yet again.

Kamikaze1351969d ago

Clearly you haven't kept up with the game and press release.

Abriael1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

yeah of course you know that the game is still going to be terrible, despite the fact that basically all the previews are positive.

They're not charging people to play a MMO that failed, because A Realm Reborn is a completely new game. New Engine, new story, new models, new gameplay, new world, and graphics that put every other MMORPG on the market to shame.

May want to check your facts before you say something not exactly smart.

JAMurida1969d ago

It's comments like this right here that just... ya know...

allgamespc20121969d ago

maybe before you spew shit out of your mouth again you should check the facts or maybe, just maybe like I did participate in the beta and see the massive new changes. Its a whole new game, a whole new Mmo

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allgamespc20121969d ago

sorry dude but gw2 was boring. the combar mechanics are horrible and tedious. ffxiv is actually hard, you will die playing it and its just an overral better package.

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Noami1969d ago

i wanna use my old charrr that i been using since alpha from 1.0

Frodosmugins1969d ago

So many bitter FF fans out there! Don't blame them either!

But if only some of you knew what this game has gone through since Naoki Yoshida took over the development of the game!

I don't want to say anything until I have sat down and given FF14arr a go but I think FF is on a turning point!

pivotplease1962d ago

I'm hoping as well. If this game turns out nicely or even takes a decent portion of the MMO market like XI and if Versus resurfaces at E3, FF might be somewhat out of its slump. I just hope to god they're done with that terrible XIII series. The stories, characters, gameplay, sidequests, and amount of openness might as well have been non-existent. As of right now the last great FF (on a home console) was XI and X as far as single player goes. X-2 and XII do not live up to the name at all.