Cloudburst Game Club Vol. 1 – Chrono Trigger

oprainfall writes:
"We will officially start our first ever Cloudburst Video Game Club with the Square classic Chrono Trigger. It is the story of a young boy and his friends who must traverse the past present and future to save the planet. We will be playing as the official group play over the course of the next month (Tuesday May 28th through Friday June 28th; again, I apologize for the delay) during which time we will discuss tips, tricks, strategies and general impressions of the game."

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NukaCola2020d ago

I know it's been done a ton of times, but I really would love to see a small team at square repolish this game and add in HD lighting effects and some flair and rerelease this on Vita with trophy support. Hell even on the PSN/XBLA/WiiU is fine. This is a classic game and I'd like to see it get a smoother update like the PSP FF games did.