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Dishonored is not known for its length as much as its gameplay, which makes the newest DLC, The Knife of Dunwall, a welcome addition to an otherwise short experience. Not only does it add a few more levels to the game, but lets players take the role of Daud, leader of the group of assassins who go after Corvo, who is seeking redemption for what he has done to the Empress.

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Dr Pepper2059d ago

[slight spoilers] Loved seeing how even in the DLC, there were the subtle responses to how you played the game. For instance, depending on whether you did a ghost run or a violent playthrough of the first level, it would affect the actions of your partner at the beginning of the 2nd mission (whether she killed the guard or knocked him out).[end slight spoilers] Really fun seeing those changes playing through the game multiple times.

Anyways, great DLC package and I hope we get some news on the release date of the Brigmore Witches soon.