What consoles could learn from the PC

GearNuke: We’re all aware of the current furor over used games and the restrictions planned for the next generation of Microsoft’s console. Rumors as of late also indicate that Sony will be moving in a same direction, more than likely as a result of publisher pressure. I can’t see them avoiding it either, they’ve been ominously silent and only saying such as “The PS4 will be able to play used games”. Technically speaking so can the Xbox One.

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ltachiUchiha1967d ago

Yezzir!!! Did I say it right mate? Lol I agree. Open Platform FTW ya bloody bastards.

decrypt1967d ago

Its called cutting out the middle men lol.

1. More than 25 years of BC
2. Cheaper games
3. Fully up gradable
4. Mods
5. No being bullied by some overlord on what they think is good for you.

NameRemoved00171967d ago

Yup my PC can play the same games that are on next gen consoles at better quality/higher fps, I will pay less for the game and I will not have to deal with DRM/online requirments.

My PC will also play the same games your Xbox one/PS4 can't that your playing right now at better quality, odds are a paid much less than you and the games even got a pretty good chance to have some good mods by now. I also get thousands of exclusives like Guild wars 2, Natural Selection 2 and Planetside 2.

In addition to thay my PC can also run games up to the Wii/3ds emulated at better quality/fps than the console itself and it can even play games you were playing 10 years ago just fine.


1967d ago
reynod1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

A. "Not everything works....consoles you buy it and it all just works"

Same can be said for consoles, How is Skyrim running on PS3. Has it been fixed yet? There are a number of examples of games that just wont work and there is nothing you can do about it, other than wait for a fix from the devs, At least PC being a open platform you can take things into your own hands.

B. "Not everyone has the money for upgrades"

8800GTX is a living evidence upgrades are not required. It still plays every game out there in 1080p and its 6 years old. So there goes the upgrade myth. So does everyone have the money to keep buying same games on console? Will you be buying Uncharted all over again on PS4 because the PS3 version wont work? or will you keep rebuying the PS3 when ever it fails so you can play your old games?

C. "Some people like the experience better like what's coming to the PS4. You know like you can watch people playing games Live"

Its called spectator mode, we been seeing that feature on PC since over a decade. Its nothing new.

D. "To the PC Elitist not everyone cares about high settings and pushing pixels"

Then why are you so hyped about the PS4? all its doing is pushing more pixels. Literally any game the PS4 can do, can be done in some dumbed down way on the PS3. So why upgrade at all then? Stick with the old tech.

E. Upgrades on PC are optional, its cool to have an option then not to have one at all. As mentioned 8800GTX from 6 years back still play games in 1080p. So while upgrading is not a requirement it can be done if you choose so, you arent locked down to 7 year old tech with no options.

F. "Consoles have much better optimization due to a fixed platform....lets see 512ram and a 7 year old CPU and GPU pull The Last of Us off or Uncharted."

A PC with a 8800GTX will easily pull of uncharted and better than the PS3 can. Now in regards to the 512mb argument, PCs are designed for multi tasking not just playing games. They have an OS to run. Check the PS4 out it pretty much needs 1 gig of ram too for the OS alone. So are you going to start calling that unoptimized too?

Check out the PS3 it cant even do cross game chat. Why? because its so limited. Any PC from 2006 could do cross game chat. Just because Sony decided to limit the PS3 with its 512mb of RAM you cant use that as an argument. PCs just offer way more and those services wouldnt be available if the RAM wasnt there, which is the case for the PS3.

ChrisW1967d ago


Agree with a lot of what you said...

But, for those who are interested in a mild upgrade for only about $70 or $80... The 'GeForce GT 640' has about twice the power of the 8800GTX and can run at higher resolutions.

So, upgrading to something worth while doesn't necessarily mean you need to break the piggy bank.

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cyguration1967d ago

Nice sentiment but why do people keep thinking that Microsoft will change prices once they get MORE control of the market?

When was the last time they had a sale on the GFWL store?

aliengmr1967d ago

When's the last time anyone used the GFWL store?

PurpHerbison1967d ago

I think I bought San Andreas for 2 bucks like 3-4 years ago maybe?

ChrisW1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I prefer digital downloads anyway. Most of the time I won't buy a game for the my consoles until it's available online. I'm just not a materialist like most people who insist on having a phsyical copy.

However, I'm not able to take, for example, my Xbox360 HD to a friends house and play the game I digitally downloaded on theirs. This is where I like STEAM overall. I live in Japan, but when I go home to visit family and friends I can play ALL my games on any PC that has the ability to play them. Pure genius on STEAM's behalf, if you ask me. The only restriction is if a game hasn't been released in the country I am in, I can't play it. Bummer, but understandable.

Anyway, this is where Sony and MS will need to venture into if they want appease console gamers.


No offense Chris but I believe your statement about the gt 640 being more powerful than a 8800gtx is false. Check the hierarchy chart here

NameRemoved00171967d ago

Don't forget if you buy a game on Steam you also get it for Mac/Linux if it has those versions.

ChrisW1967d ago

Another genius thing about STEAM!!!

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