Suck on This: The 6 Best Vampire Hunters in Videogames

I am sick and tired of vampires. It’s not the mythos or the terror that gets to me, it is how warped it has all become in my eyes thanks to the over-dramatic, over-exposed drivel that proceeds to make them all sexy fanbait for sullen teenagers everywhere. These things are supposed to suck the life from human bodies and cause cunning bouts of evil throughout the land and now we just have over-glorified mosquitoes in human form filled with angst and low tones. These creatures are the closest we’ve come to understand a primal horror meant only to disgust and feed a hunger that cannot be sated or allowed. Any worse, and we’d be talking tentacles and large cities and possible sanity, and you can’t really hunt those. I want vampires dead in the ground, so I’m bringing together a task force of six badasses who think that a stake is more than a prime cut. Anti-Nosferatu League, assemble!
From HalfBeard's HUD.

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Canary1972d ago

Is Raziel in this list? 'Cause if he's not, it's complete malarkey.