Xbox One Games List, Here’s All The Exclusives and Multiplatforms We Know

The Xbox One has been revealed by Microsoft and more games are to be shown at E3.

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Cpamann2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Oh my god xbox already win next gen war with these exclusive halo 5 ,gears of war 4,forza 5,fable 4,ryse,cod ghost,next gen rare game ,mirror edge 2 great, fifa 14,nfl,

Count2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

That's a great list.

Compared to that. The Ps4 one doesn't seem impressive anymore.

Hicken2020d ago

Fable's on the decline. So's Forza. And Halo, for that matter. Call of Duty isn't an exclusive. Neither are Mirror's Edge 2(a game that hasn't even been confirmed to exist yet), FIFA, or Madden.

That leaves Halo, Forza, Fable, and Ryse.

Fable has been on the decline, becoming a rather lackluster Kinect game in its last outing, and the series creator isn't even part of the development studio anymore.

Ryse may have some potential... maybe.

Forza's another franchise that has been on the decline, with each entry selling less than the last. It may see a boost by jumping to next gen, but it may not.

Halo may be good. I know quite a few series fans that weren't happy with what they thought was a forced love story. How that plays out may affect its future.

What about Gears? Well, Microsoft doesn't own that IP, so it could be seen on any platform, including the "dreaded" PS4. You can speak of past titles as exclusives, but until it's announced as such, any future titles can't be considered thus.

On the other hand, do you even know any of the exclusives coming to PS4?

No, I thought not.

MikeMyers2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

People could say that about any series. Uncharted 3 could show signs of being on the decline, GT5 could as well since reviews were lower. God of War as well. That's how a cynical person would act towards a company they never seem to say anything positive about. That's not me. Why should I? I am a gamer, not a corporate backer who looks at these games as what system they are on from a biased point of view instead of it being just about the games.

And to say Forza is on the decline, that's laughable. It continues to impress critics, real critics. Not those who have a bone to pick with Microsoft. Not those who seem to have a very negative point of view regarding the Xbox brand for years and years.

Halo has also been about quality. Aside from the misstep of ODST they have been extremely well done, have been enjoyed by millions of fans and 343 seems to be taking on huge shoes left by Bungie. Yet you want to talk about a few fans who thought the love story was forced? Maybe you should just stick to Sony articles since they are the only ones that seem to interest you and stop trying to be a nuisance to Xbox fans.

Skips2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )


Difference is... Uncharted 3, GT5, and GOW: Ascension aren't considered garbage/mediocre by their core fanbase. (Quite the opposite actually) lol

Unlike Fable III, Fable: The Journey, and Gears: Of War Judgement.

Gears Judgement = 2.9/5
Fable III = 3.3/5
Fable: The Journey = 3.5/5

Although Halo 4 isn't as well recieved as previous installments. I do agree with you though. Same as Forza...

ZeroX98762019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

um I want some new IP too, not on motion controls. so what's left for me?

JokesOnYou2019d ago

Hicken by your logic for Fable then GT is in decline....that said Im not a fan of the most recent Fable game.

Forza is amazing, it keeps getting better and better.

Halo is a beast, so glad 343 was up to the challenge in working on a legendary franchise. (they have some Bungie staff join them)

Gears just needs to move forward up the ante with its usual brutality, badass weapons don't look back.

Ryse I have know idea, but we'll see.

So far Im alot more interested to see what Remedy is doing with QB.

Gran Touring2019d ago

@JokesOnYou I haven't had the chance to play Halo 4 or Forza Horizon (although I did play Forza 4) but I bet they're good games, but since when was Gran Turismo in decline? Last I checked GT5 is well regarded as the best racing simulator you can buy on consoles. I don't know, you gotta explain your logic to me there, I just don't see it.

And didn't PD just say GT5 sold over 10 million copies a few weeks ago?

JokesOnYou2019d ago

uhm just saying that from what I hear the last GT had alot of isues and the reviews were not what they usually are for a GT game.
Again I wasnt bashing GT its a great franchise just saying that if the last game in a franchise was not of the usual quality doesnt mean the next wont rebound.

MikeMyers2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )


The point is nobody should tell people they are gamers and they go into each console and generalize about all of them while putting the most negative spin on them. Are we actually gamers or just corporate backers?

When someone has a negative view of everything that system has to offer something is up, and usually it's because they see that system as a threat so they will advocate as much as possible that the system has nothing to offer.

What we have seen far too much of last generation is this feud between Xbox 360 and PS3 fans clashing. And for what? Because they are competitive even though anyone can buy either system? I understand people that work for either company, but gamers? It looks to get even more heated for the upcoming generation. He is saying nobody should have liked anything about the Xbox One conference like he is somehow the spokesman for what a gamer should like or not. Forza is a great series and the power of the new console will offer even greater attention to detail, the new game from Remedy could be something unique in a time where we should get new ip's. The new controller looks excellent, the cloud could show some interesting support for games including sports games and real time weather effects, Kinect could finally be realized for its potential, having instant access to your games and playing right away is great. Of course there are some issues of concern but to blatantly say nothing they showed should be of any interest to gamers is ignorance at its finest and when this person has for years never said anything good about the Xbox brand in the first place? You get the idea.

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mudmax2019d ago

COD ghost, Mirror edge 2 , fifa14, NFL(you mean madden?) are not exclusives my friend.

Pyrrhus2019d ago

Inb4 half of their reveals being Kinect games.

mudmax2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Why do people keep calling the xboxone controller the gamepad for. Isn't the wii u's controller officially called the "Gamepad" because it has a touchscreen. I believe Nintendo unveiled its official name at E3 last year if I'm not mistaking. And I am sure they have patented the name.

ZeroX98762019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

gamepad is a common name to described a controller for a gaming oriented system

mudmax2018d ago

Really? Funny, I have always heard them called controllers.

KiRBY30002019d ago

when was Dark Souls 2 confirmed as a next generation multiplatform release?? if so, then great, but i dont think it happened.

DeadlyFire2019d ago

They actually confirmed its coming to current platforms. No next gen version yet.

KentBlake2019d ago

Wow! Really surprising: Forza, Halo, a Kinect game...Quantum Break is the one that intrigues me. This is the kind of game that would make me buy an Xbox One to put beside my PS4.

forum672019d ago

Exclusive debates are not worth debating since it involves personal liking and represent only 1-5% of the total games published for any console (except nintendo - Everyone loves Mario :p)

KentBlake2019d ago

I respectfully disagree. Exclusives are the ONLY thing that matters, because multiplatform games are in all consoles, so it doesn't make a difference which platform you have, you'll always get access to them.

What really distinguishes between the consoles are their exclusives (especially for next-gen, since hardware wise the PS4 and XBone will be so similar).

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