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gamrReview: "ook, this game... this game is like when you go to a restaurant and order a fancy grilled cheese sandwich. You are promised artisan bread and gourmet cheeses. However, what you get is some grilled Wonder Bread with some butter in the middle. It's grilled just right and there isn't anything really wrong with the ingredients, they just aren't what you were expecting.

It is a perfectly competent game. I guess some out there could enjoy it. I just personally don't think you'll be missing much by saving your $60 for something else."

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dc11967d ago


I love Insomniac. This is misdirected vision and I blame EA.

coolbeans1967d ago

Why? Given what Ted Price has stated, Fuse is their least-changed vision from all of their popular series since leaving Spyro. Overstrike wasn't really much different than this.

dc11967d ago

Well (I really didn't want to get into this). I played the DEMO and felt that the game was sterile and filled with unnecessary comedic banter between the (more realistic)4 playable characters.

It would have been better (or more palatable) if the original cartoon-ish vision was maintained.
Plausible reality is a big deal with me.

My thoughts were/are that EA played a heavy part in the focus groups that lead to the new direction of the game.

Just my thoughts -
Again, I'm a fan of the developer and wish them well.. I simply was not impressed by the demo and the slew of less than average reviews doesn't help. Dang.. I'm thinking about supporting them for the heck of it O_o.

coolbeans1967d ago

I see. I'm not one to say it isn't irrational to worry about EA swirling about Insomniac with focus groups in this case with the different art design and such. Only stating that we've been told it's, mechanically, quite similar to their original view.

dc11967d ago

I'm with you.
However, you and I both know how far aesthetics go.

just to clarify: Mechanically, it's fine!
unfortunately, it's not being judged on mechanics alone.

SolidDuck1967d ago

If insomniac wasnt making this I don't even think anyone would know it came out. There's just nothing exciting about this game. Not all of insomniacs games are great, but they all at least have personality and are fun. Fuse is neither, and super generic. I hope they make some money off it cause I would hate to ever see a developer like insomniac go under, but I hope they never make something so uninspired again. I don't blame them for wanting to go multiplat and try to make more money. But when they announced they were going multiplat and signed with ea, this is what there fans feared was going to happen, and well it did.

MikeyDucati11966d ago

Really not surprised at all by this.

ApolloTheBoss1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

This was obvious. I knew this would happen. When it was named Overstrike it looked like it had some potential. Once again EA destroys a once great developer.