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Is AirLand Battle just a content patch for European Escalation, or are the additions enough to make this release stand on its own?

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sovietsoldier1970d ago

its 10 out of a 5/5 its that good.

JsonHenry1970d ago

I am on the fence about buying it. It does look ridiculously awesome. How is the multiplayer?

aliengmr1970d ago

I wouldn't know much about the MP, but I can say its the games focal point. Not sure if you played the first.

Overall I would say this is a solid RTS with pretty decent AI.

If you like RTS games you should own this without question.

sonicsidewinder1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Loved the first game. Pre-Ordered Airland Battle early but didn't get involved in the multiplayer beta. Multiplayer was fun, but it was also a little intimidating.

I enjoy playing this game more methodically. Can't wait to try it tomorrow, the singleplayer looks VASTLY improved.

And aircraft of course!

I found European Escalation a bit hokey with only Helo's and no Planes.

Also found a bit hokey without Tactical Nukes in a Cold War scenario, even though it's not the World in Conflict type of game. BUT for Airland Battle, they've managed to implement them into the campaign map game. Excellent!

Can't wait to try tomorrow.