Interest in PS4 rises after Xbox One reveal

Interest in PS4 has increased after last week's reveal of Microsoft's Xbox One.

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KingKelloggTheWH1966d ago

Interest in the other consoles in general raised.

MysticStrummer1966d ago

Yeah. First console reveal in history to boost not one but two competitors.

KingKelloggTheWH1966d ago

Pretty much...cant imagine what's going on at MS right now...I'd be freaking out

kayoss1966d ago

But the poll was taken by gamefly. Isn't gamefly a market for rentals. Wouldn't this skew the data in favor of the ps4.?

GalacticEmpire1966d ago

I think gamespot's map says it all really, MS have killed core gamer interest so far. I'm not one of these "wait until..." people because if MS keep their used game policy and mandatory Kinect it would take some kind of quadruple megaton and more to get me back onboard. Although I'm not ruling Xbone out completely, never say never and all that.

Mustang300C20121966d ago

Wow!!! Only 20,000 votes shows us out of the previous generation that bought 150 million PS3/360s. Yeah that's really telling us something. World wide at that. Oooohhhh wow lol

killacal131966d ago

No but not everybody that dislikes or likes voted either, so it's an average of a big community.

Qrphe1966d ago

Mustang: What is this statistics sorcery they speak of!!

Shadow Flare1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

This guy just sums it up perfectly and hilariously

They should have canned the reveal and saved everything for E3, and came out guns blazing and impressed people.

Because as the guy in the video said, "all they did was disappoint me. And disappoint a lot of Xbox fans". Which achieves what exactly?

Bathyj1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I said this before but its worth repeating.

If MS had come out at the reveal and talked about games, sent a message that they were all about games, just like Sony did, and everyone would have been somewhat happy, then come out later at E3 and show us all this TV stuff, we would have been amazed. We could have confidence that this was a games console foremost, but with a lot of cool features thrown in.

As it stands all they did was reinforce what weve been thinking for 3 years, MS dont care about games or gamers. They care about selling as many consoles as they can by way of selling to people who dont normally buy them, ei non gamers, which wouldnt be a problem except it gamers that inevitably suffer for it.

I think theyve damaged their brand to the point where I dont think I'll really care WHAT theyll show at E3. I may change my mind but it would take more than a couple of good games or even a couple of fantastic ones. It would take a complete turn around of attitude and focus from MS and I dont see it happening.

They had this huge opportunity to arrest the dwindling opinion of Xbox and mute some of the hype for Sonys excellent show, but they chose to talk about TV instead for some reason showing the two companies are worlds apart in intent.

Someone here said it the best though I cant remember who, in the very first article of the XBone reveal.
"I was expecting nothing, and I was still disappointed."

HALOisKING1966d ago

if u know kung fu its 1 › 4 ip man style

DeathScythe1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I think he's mean's one xb1 can beat four ps4's the same way ip man took on 10 jap's, in this case Sony. ip man was a real martial artist.

ThatCanadianGuy5141966d ago

Yes, i know.I've seen both the movies.All i'm saying is, here in reality, 4>1.

HALOisKING1966d ago

yeah in ur reality for me its 1>4

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