If Homer was real

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This one was a bit more difficult in that i wanted the light to come in mainly from one side with a bit of back light. So all my reference had to be lit from one side. For textures i needed but didn't have this lighting situation, i had to darken or light a bit to give the same effect.

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TrevorPhillips3864d ago

OMG he looks mor hidious then the mario one god

DRUDOG3864d ago

I was just thinking the opposite. That Mario one was definitely more disturbing. This looks hilarious. The bugged out eyes, HUGE upper lip and that LOL little, afterthought ear is too funny. Guarantee we see somebody who makes an avatar out of this...


That's because this is so unproportional that is funny, while Mario, aside from big nose, eyes and ear, can be a real person (a pedophilic one xD).

yesah3864d ago

well its not like they actually exist this is just for fun, besides they weren't meant to be ultra 3d rendered....alot more freaky things out there that could be done.

TrevorPhillips3864d ago

OMG he looks more hideous then the Mario one god

Stinkinmushroom3864d ago

I think the pic is awesome but...

What does this have to do with gaming??


The Mario one "was" and this is comparable, from the same autor... But I get what you said, if at least this was on bad joystick...

Figboy3864d ago

since the Simpsons have been in video games off and on for nearly 17 years, Homer is "technically" a video game character. lol.

ah yeah, and this picture is disturbing, but really really good, just like the first one, only less pedophelic.

nbsmatambo3864d ago

Simpsons the Game

Simpsons road rage

and a couple of other tittles i might not know

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bootsielon3864d ago

With the eyes and nose. Other than that, it's perfect