Like Playstation 1 Games? Buy A Playstation Vita Now

CGUK writes:
'Since its launch in December 2012 the Playstation Vita has been highly regarded as gaming's most advanced handheld system. Although some people argue that the Vita is currently in a "gaming drought" they couldn't be any more wrong. Not only has the Playstation Vita got a rich offering of quality Indie games and Vita games, but it also has some of gaming's most popular classics such as Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider and Silent Hill - all of which can be purchased from the conveniently mapped Playstation Store. Today we wish to focus on this aspect of the Playstation Vita and why the Playstation Vita is the superlative way to enjoy your favourite games of an age gone.'

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SoapShoes1972d ago

Still can't get Crash or Spyro on the Vita in the US, I would buy them if you could!!!!

Buff10441972d ago

Who disagreed with this? You cannot get those games in the U.S.

Gamesgbkiller1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

There is not a single Crash game on US store ?

In EU there are all the games except Crash Bash :(

But no Spyros :(

Ult iMate1972d ago

We have Spyro Trilogy in PSV Store here in Russia. And Russia often gets games later than the main EU-Store. Maybe you should try search.

1971d ago
SoapShoes1972d ago

Yeah they're on the EU store but not the US and I don't believe there's a way around it. If you buy them on your PS3 I've read they don't show up when you try to transfer them.

andrewer1972d ago

wow its not like that, several PS1 games that I like aren't in the store yet.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

if all you care about is ps1 games, not vita (which is stupid, there are and going to be really cool vita games)
then you should have bought a pspGo, 16 gigs, most psone games are 5.99, at the most they're 10.99, totally worth it

Also, it's 60.00 (used at gamestop) and has crash, spyro, basically everything, think of it as buying a new game

i use mine religiously

CommonSenseGamer1972d ago

PSP Go is still my favorite last gen handheld. Was so disappointed when the Vita didn't go down a similar in terms of form factor and built in storage.

1971d ago
CommonSenseGamer1972d ago

Or you could buy the PSP or use any one of a multitude of emulators for other devices. The best reason to buy a Vita is to play Vita games.

G20WLY1972d ago

That's right. And the second best reason is to play PS1 games :)

You can't map the D-pad to the stick on PSP, nor can you rotate the camera with the right can on Vita. Great, isn't it?! :)

Hicken1972d ago

What? You saying something positive about the Vita?

Granted, your other comment kinda negates it, and I imagine there was some sort of unsaid dig intended, like "Unfortunately, there aren't any games worth getting a Vita FOR," or something like that.

But still, it wasn't an outright insult! I'm proud of you!

KwietStorm1972d ago

Give me Die Hard Trilogy, MDK, Return Fire, Soul Blade, and Tenchu. Then we'll talk.

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The story is too old to be commented.