Cult Classics – Warhawk

Game Informer - At E3 in 2006, gamers got their first glimpse of Warhawk. Unfortunately, the first impression wasn’t exactly stellar thanks to the developers overacting on stage in an effort to sell the capabilities of PlayStation 3’s SixAxis controller. In the face of the buzz circulating around the Wii, Sony wanted a piece of the motion control pie. SixAxis was their answer, but no one was impressed by this particular presentation. It’s a shame, as Warhawk wound up being one of my favorite PlayStation 3 exclusives.

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DEATHSTROKE-cro-1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

when I waited for PS3 to come out in Europe, Warhawk wasn't on my radar at all. then I bought it with a headset and I felt in love with it. and I met first PSN friends on that game. who I still have on friend list. it was so fun playing it every day after a day at college.
the beginnings of Warhawk were the best.
now you have professionals who dominate the game.
at the beginning people were finding new ways to kill each other and troll everyone.
I was laughing so hard when I trolled the other team.
putting proximity mine under the warhawk, going in their base and parking it at the spawn point of their warhawk.
and then watching a guy going in it and exploding.
and then I waited for Warhawk 2 for years and few years ago HipHopGamer said we'll see it at E3 but we didn't so I hated that idiot, and we finally saw Starhawk the next year. but they changed it too much. the flying was too slow and maps were too big or just not fun.
I'm glad Santa Monica said that Warhawk was a classic.
I hope we see it on PS4.

wish I could go back to 2007. fun times. great memories.