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Game Informer - Despite being a big fan of Remedy’s Max Payne series, Alan Wake’s announcement floated by me relatively unnoticed. I’m thankful the game grabbed my attention during a Microsoft press event, or I may have missed out on a great action game with a heavy dose of mystery. The warmly received 360 and Arcade game (read our review) didn’t meet sales expectations out of the gate, leading me to believe many gamers haven’t given it a try. This is their wake-up call.

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ifritAlkhemyst1967d ago

I disagree.

It was such a one note game. Gameplay was the exact same, with the same enemies, throughout. The woods location were boring after the 2nd hour. The story was an unapologetic ripoff of Twin Peaks, with a little Stephen King dumped in. Everyone said Remedy was inspired by Twin Peaks. Such nonsense. The entire town is built like Twin Peaks, from the logging setting, to the diner, to the coffee, to the lady carrying around a lantern (instead of wood), etc.

Playing it really killed any enthusiasm I had for Remedy after the two Max Payne games. Quantum Break looks just as farcical, but well see.

omi25p1967d ago

Alan Wake was an incredible and different game. It wasn't about killing everything, It was about surviving and understanding the very good and indepth story.

Also we have seen a short trailer and 3 screen shots of Quantum Break and you somehow know its farcical? I smell a FB

jimbobwahey1967d ago

I haven't played the original Alan Wake, but I checked out the trial for American Nightmare on XBLA and it was pretty much a mindless third person shooter from what I could tell.

It was quite surprising actually given the way Alan Wake had been advertised, to just be dumped into a mindless shooter where the gimmick is you have to aim a light at the enemies to make them vulnerable first. Seemed like a huge waste, you know?

ifritAlkhemyst1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

An FB?

Alan Wake was none of the things you just said. It was different because of the setting and story which were ripped from better sources and not given an identity of their own, which is what inspiration is supposed to mean.

It wasn't about killing everything? I don't recall there being any other options for completing the game. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the game was designed to lock you in a circle of fog whenever enemies appeared until you cleared them all out.

And yes, not just what I've seen of Quantum Break but what I've read has given me the impression that Remedy is going the way of Insomniac, or Rare, or Blizzard. Hopefully not but I can't help but be concerned.

Xof1967d ago

The main reason to disagree, I think, is that Alan Wake is nowhere near old enough to be considered a classic, and allready sufficiently forgotten that we can confidently say it never will be considered a classic.

This generation, in general, has had painfully few games that felt like they might reach that level. I'd count maybe half a dozen, if I'm being optimistic, and including every game on every platform released in the past 7 years or so.

coolbeans1967d ago

I can't say I agree with your arguments...or even find some of them to be reasonable (because heaven forbid the diner, coffee, and strange ladies in one Northwestern setting look similar to another). I figured AW was able to distance itself from rip-off material quite early with a different premise that fuels an interesting gameplay/storytelling wrinkle planted throughout the game. That cornerstone in it of itself should provide more than enough to be considered it's own thing, especially when looking at what other new franchises this gen avoid direct comparisons from ips outside our medium.

And that's the other strange thing about this: why continually harp on instantly comparing its quality in story to things outside of the medium?

"It wasn't about killing everything?"

I think omi25p just meant it wasn't JUST some sort of killing spree ordeal, despite being an action-heavy game.

fermcr1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Alan Wake is simply one of the best games this generation.

Did you play the game? Did you understand it ?

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coolbeans1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

It's a bit tough to call Alan Wake a cult classic when considering the improved sales since its arrival on PC. Perhaps the "was, is, always will be" mentality works here.

In any case, it's great to see recognition given to one of my favorite games in recent memory.

Dr Pepper1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I was really interested in this when it was still being advertised/pitched to the media as an open-world survival horror game. It seemed like they could do some really cool things with that, but then they made it a linear based experience and I lost my excitement for it. I played the demo of American Nightmare, which seemed a little more open ended, but beyond that I never gained back the enthusiasm for the series that I had when they first announced it.