Sony (SCEA) Announces Extensive Game Line-up for the PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced its debut game titles and unveiled the online strategy for its highly anticipated PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) system, the company's groundbreaking computer entertainment system which will be available in North America on November 17, 2006.

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sman7806426d ago

haha yess that movie was good lol same ol will ferril haha

"the navigation system that enables a complete suite of entertainment experiences in three key areas: gaming; network and web connectivity; and other entertainment contents such as MOVIES and MUSIC. " interestinggg...
ahh less then a month away can't wait! my 360 is gettin fixed right now =/ again...

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Joe6426d ago (Edited 6426d ago )

The PS3 has been delayed for release like a year!!! Of course they'll have more games.
Half of these games were suppose to launch almost a year ago. A true gamer knows that. Here ago again with the PS3 HYPE!!! I'm waiting for the price to drop to even consider buying a PS3. $500 and $600 are way too much for a console. I'll BUY A Wii and an XBOX360 with that amount of money. There's more variety that way. 2 Consoles for the price of 1 PS3.

Duker6426d ago

I have been a huge fan of Playstation up until now. These games simply don't cut it. The exclusive games do not impress me at all, and all the rest you can just get on the Xbox 360 for a fraction of the price and almost the same graphics quality. I will be buying a 360.

Arkham6426d ago (Edited 6426d ago )

"At a fraction of the price." What unmitigated BS. Go back to sleep, Wally, you have pre-school to go to in the morning.

You little Star Trek-eating cupcakes are becoming far too defensive for your own good. If manufactured marginalization is all you have to live for...well, take the hint.

TheMART6426d ago

Well a premium 360 is at least 33% cheaper. That's not a few bucks.

If you get the core, it's even more cheap. And yeah although you won't get the full experience with a core, you can play the most anticipated next gen game of this Christmas

Gears of War. Nothing like it. Sony can announce all they want but it's too little, too late. Especially here in Europe where it'll be all about soccer which is only on 360 for the next 12 months

videl6426d ago

theMart i hope you are not european, if so i will consider to move to another continent. your arguments are like always bs.

shysun6426d ago

360 has one game coming out this year...GeOW,thats it!So whats your point?

satanslilh3lp3r6425d ago

keep ur crappy opinions to urself. btw, GOW is just a generic shooter w/ a nice coat of paint

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NextGen24Gamer6426d ago

I agree buddy. What game does sony have to compete with Blue Dragon? Gears of war? WWE smack down vs Raw? Bio Shock? Fable 2? Lost Odyessey? Saints Row? LOR Battle for middle earth? Prey? Splinter Cell? And on and on. You look at that list of 20 or so launch games and then look at what is already out for the 360 or coming in that same time period...and its overwhelming all the unique and original next gen content exclusive to the 360 in the ps3's launch window. WOW.

specialguest6426d ago (Edited 6426d ago )

with all of those top hits you mentioned for the 360, sadly, there's only a couple games im really looking forward to on the 360 is Mass Effect, BioShock, and mabye GOW(need more details on that game) ONE whole year, and im still not thrilled with what the 360 has right now.

note: im not thrilled with the PS3 launch titles or the Dec. titles either.(not even the hyped up ResistanceFOM)

Adversary6426d ago

At the risk of being flamed off the internet forever, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say: Smackdown is lame, Blue Dragon looks lame (could be fun as hell, what do I know?), Lost Odyssey's gameplay looks dated, LotR: BfME was only acceptable to people who've never played an RTS on PC before, Saint's Row is made for a target demographic I can't even imagine (and is a shoddy GTA rip-off), and Prey was a resounding "meh". I'm already playing Splinter Cell and can officially say "Yup, that's Splinter Cell alright." I gotta hand it to you on the other three though, they look pretty sweet, but also keep in mind that they're the second (even third or fourth) string of games for the 360. Sure, the PS3's line-up isn't the most exciting thing I've ever seen, but neither was the 360's. Hell, the game that made me buy a 360 (Fight Night) wasn't even a launch title... For the 360 that is. So in answer to your loaded question, "What game does Sony have to compete with [10 titles]?"... Metal Gear.

MetalNCarnet6426d ago

Like all the other Metal Gears before, this one will eventualy come to the Xbox also. Just a matter of time, and I'll wait. I'm not paying $600 to play one game.

Arkham6426d ago

Yes, well, Gears Of War. It's a hell of a lot easier to throw detail into a 3rd-Person Shooter than a 1st-Person Shooter. If you can't figure that out, no wonder you're satisfied with GOW.

shysun6426d ago

Most of which are on PC or coming to PS2/PS3.LO=Next year,BS=next year(on PC also),SR=flopped...did I miss any thing?!:P

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