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Game Informer - Like a lovestruck paramour, I tend to fall in love with some games more than others. Sometimes these games aren't perfect, but I adore, and become infatuated with them, nonetheless. Example: Mirror's Edge.

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MikeyDucati11967d ago

Love this game. Real cool. Short but fun. My favorite stage is when you go to see your sister and you have to run from the cops. Then you jump out on the ledge, sliding down the side of the building as 50 caliber bullets come shooting at you with a guy on a bullhorn sitting in the chopper saying, "Don't not run!! I repeat, do not run!!" Talk about shoot first and ask later. I hope they do a sequel. As you can see, I still play this game today. Take away the esurance cut scenes and I don't care about the story, but you can work on it if you feel like it...

Eyesoffiction1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I remember picking the first game up at a flea market, my friend Joe and i sat for hours and beat it two days later. Very fun game in my opinion.

BlindMango1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I waited a whole year to play this game, which sucks because this is one of the most innovative, fresh, and new feeling games of this generation in my opinion, such a breath of fresh air! I actually played this game over again yesterday and it never gets old, I recommend anyone to pick this game up this summer and play it! (I think it's on the PlayStation Store, and mayyyyyyybe Xbox Live?)

Also, I really, really hope there will be a sequel soon!

ifritAlkhemyst1967d ago

Probably my second or third favorite game this generation. Somehow this brilliant gem goes by unnoticed, but we get 3 Battlefield games and not even a confirmation of Mirrors Edge 2. Lame.

SOULJER1967d ago

The theme song is still one of my favorites.

ifritAlkhemyst1967d ago

The whole soundtrack was excellent.

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