6 exclusive sequels Xbox One needs in its first year

GamesRadar - The Xbox One has only been public knowledge for a week, but current perception on the system isn’t great. Just a glance at the immediate reactions from GamesRadar editors and readers shows a heaping helping of trepidation among consumers. How can Microsoft reverse these negative feelings? It all comes down to the games.

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BadboyCivic1972d ago

They need something new.
Halo and gears are tired and old

BABYLEG1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I hope of those 8 new ips are some new ips

my goodness, at least listen to what they say dude
dont doubt the validity of MS statement to have 15 exclusives with 8 being brand new, then saying they need something new. I'm 100% sure they have plenty of new

ThatsGaming1971d ago

1) Quantum Break
2) Forza 5
3) Perfect Dark Sequel (AAA Shooter)
4) A new RPG (Or Lost Odyssey Sequel)
5) Crackdown 3
6) Black and White Sequel

I would be more than happy!