The Games of PS4

Gi - It’s time to turn the cameras on to Sony‘s upcoming PS4 games. Here is some info on the games that are confirmed to be released on PS4.

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mrmancs1971d ago

I want to see remakes of ,defender of the crown , dungeon master , and bloodwych ,three of the greatest games ever made. Imagine what they would be like on a ps4!? Those old enough to remember them... :-)

I_am_Batman1971d ago

I don't know about remakes cause these games are just too old. some sequels or reboots would be possible but remakes? Not going to happen.

iceman061971d ago

Gotta say that I absolutely LOVED Defender of the Crown!!! That 8-bit intro music is ringing in my head with nostalgia!!! Thnx for the memories!!! Bubs up!

MisfitsInc1971d ago

this could possible be asking for a lot, but i want to see a good Spawn game somewhere down the line. like the one that came out on PS1. maybe a year in would be dope

Skate-AK1971d ago

I have been waiting for a true Spawn game for years now. I wish he was as relevant as Batman.

Majin-vegeta1971d ago

A new GEX,Fightin Force,Legacy Of Kain would be awesome.

DivineAssault 1971d ago

Next gen should be amazing & much better than current was.. We shouldnt have as many issues with software since its all going to be on a similar build.. I cant wait to play exclusive games in full native 1080p & rack in some trophies with the PS4