5 Reasons Xbox One Could ‘Win’ The Console War

WC - The Xbox One has been an announcement like none I remember. While often consoles reveals are judged on basis of their own confines such as, “Oh I like the controller” and “Urgh, I hate the motion control”, this has been something different entirely. If you follow games journalism or even just frequent a forum, you will know how big an issue this has become.

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dedicatedtogamers2021d ago

The casual consumer already bought an iPad and/or a smartphone to diddle on the internet while sitting on the couch. And they can bring it with them on the go. They're not going to spend an extra $450+ to do that on the big-screen TV.

Kinect sold like gangbusters at first (partially due to Microsoft stuffing the thing in every single holiday bundle for two years straight) but the sales have sharply declined and the games coming out for it are non-existent.

Publisher support means nothing. Wii-U supposedly had "publisher support". Is Xbox One getting Call of Duty as an exclusive? Nope. In fact, 360 and PS3 will be getting the same games.

This article just WANTS Xbox One to win, but the odds are stacked against it. Both the PS4 and Xbox One will struggle. Just watch.

NextGen24Gamer2021d ago

My family consists of Me, my wife, my son & two daughters....We each have an ipad/ipad mini. 4 have iphone 5's and I have the note2 phone. We have 5 xbox 360's and 2 ps3's...we all have 1080p flat screens, though the one in our living room is 3d as well. But guess what, we can't wait for the xbox one. We will all get one and it doesn't matter that we have all these other gadgets...We all love the games & xbox live!

At launch I will purchase 2 xbox ones and then surprise my kids at christmas...One for the living room and me and my wifes room at launch...I will get 1 ps4 for the living room to start...

It's not that the article WANTS the xbox to win, But I do agree that the xbox one will do incredibly well and console market will grow due to the fact that more people will jump in due to the other features...which is what it's all about, make your base happy and grow the industry if you can!

Kudo's Microsoft!

BABYLEG2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I have no clue why people think having one device will stop someone from buying another..

i like my devices to be everywhere.

what I'm excited for is instant switching between games. Sometimes I have a show on commercial and I can switch to the game almost instantly. Its amazing. Also snap mode. That may come in very handy for doing a little internet searching on my friends madden team and how to beat him before the game starts. Hopefully the game runs while on the web too.