Destiny May Still Be Released On The Most Popular Gaming System

Bungie have been talking / avoiding talking about Destiny for well over a year now, but one thing that’s clear is that, at least initially, the game will not be released on the PC. Instead, Destiny is being targeted for launch on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Once more Bungie are eschewing the most popular and powerful gaming system for the short-terms gains of pandering to their console base.

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Thatguy-3101966d ago

Not that popular if companies aren't rushing their games to it. Developers target consoles first simply because that's more mainstream than gaming pc's. I have no doubt though that Destiny will fine it's way to pc's.

MysticStrummer1966d ago

lol My first thought was "The Wii??? No ****ing way."

BattleAxe1966d ago

I wonder if they'll bundle the game with a wired headset and an ethernet adaptor for the PS2...

Somebody1966d ago

I guess the tens of millions of MMO and F2P players doesn't count as gamers then?

KingKelloggTheWH1966d ago

Pc aren't really game systems,they are PC's.

Jeeze,even that article name is flamebait.

Mintyrebel1966d ago

Are you saying my £1,000 GAMING PC doesn't count as a game system despite that being what I use it for most?

KingKelloggTheWH1966d ago

Should we count Iphones as well?

matgrowcott1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )


If you bought it for playing games on, why the hell not?

Since when was anybody questioning that something that plays games is a kind of gaming system?


And keep in mind, there are more games available for iPhone than on some dedicated gaming machines of the past, and with more variety, better graphics and better processing.

UNGR1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

It's all about what the device is used for. a PC's primary function isn't to play games, might be what you want out of it, and what you built it to do, doesn't change what it's main purpose is.

IaMs12, they did have a specific purpose when they were made, even now the most used and primary function of the device is probably surfing the internet, right behind that would be programs like Excel, Word, Power Point, and programs used in retail stores. Games are great on PC, they just aren't what PC's are made for.

IaMs121966d ago

Thats the beauty of the PC though, it does not have a main purpose but the purpose you built it or bought it for.

matgrowcott1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I love the level of insecurity in these threads.

"Your PC might be able to play games better than my 7 year old console, you might be able to play 20 years worth of titles regardless of what you play it on, you may have more exclusives than us and access to mods...

...but it's not a gaming system, because it can do other stuff."

This is a stupid thing to argue over. Like bottom of the barrel, special school kind of debate. If it plays games, it's comparable with other things that play games; if it plays games better than other things, you can't damn well change that by saying "it's not a proper gaming device!!!!"

TwistedMetal1966d ago

pc is not a games system it is a pc not a video game console. a cell phone is not a game system it is a cellphone. not hard to understand. its just sad pc only gamers wont have destiny new bungie big shooter title or gta 5. sorry but if you dont have either of those games on your platform you need to get one that does if you are a hardcore gamer.

starchild1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

What a ludicrous bunch of BS. PCs play games (tens of thousands of them), therefor they are game systems.

The fact that people use them for other things as well doesn't change that fact. Hell, i know people who use their consoles mostly for watching netflix, but it doesn't change the fact that those are still game systems.

A lot of console-only fanboys are f'in pathetic. You guys are so irrational sometimes it's truly sad.

ZeroX98761966d ago

I don`t know what kind of PC you can get for 250$-300$, but for that price I think my PS3 is doing pretty good.
I love my PC too, but most of my friends play on consoles, so it`s better than play strictly online...

Alos881966d ago

"-Like bottom of the barrel, special school kind of debate."
And with that one phrase, you lost all my sympathy. Grow up.

matgrowcott1966d ago


Yup, because that's what I was going for, to gain sympathy from someone who can find offence in a completely plain statement.

I know kids who go to these schools and it's people like you that get them so bloody frustrated with themselves.

Alos881966d ago

I WENT to one of those schools, you ass.

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brich2331966d ago

PCs were gaming systems before the console was. PCs are all in one gaming systems, if i want to go play NES SNes SEGA, or any other games i can through Emulation. You obviously dont own a PC, and if you do its a piece of shit.

PANTHER10301966d ago


Then, You dont ask later, ¿why great franchises will not be released at PC?.....The answer : the piracy.

Halo 2 sold 8 millions of copies at Xbox 360 but in the other hand the PC version only sold 60.000 copies ( Vg Chartz). The sale of Halo 2 at PC was disappointing, much of the bad sales were product of the piracy, therefore, Bungie decided going exclusive for consoles.

The same happens with GTA V, MGS V.

PockyKing1966d ago

So you don't consider the Xbox a PC either? Not everyone uses that for games. It has apps for music, netflix, internet browsing..sounds like a PC to me..

SirBradders1966d ago

I think you miss the point PC stands for personal computer = Adjective
Of, affecting, or belonging to a particular person rather than to anyone else.

An advertisement or message in the personal column of a newspaper; personal ad.

private - individual - particular - subjective - own

Meaning its damn well what i built it for e.g. games.

A iphone = mobile device = sole purpose to make calls.

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One4U1966d ago

Lol at the Master Race

Saints941966d ago

I'm angrily going to start a platform war.

KwietStorm1966d ago

The most popular gaming system.. If you feel so inclined to make such a silly statement, how about you talk to the guys behind the game, instead of getting on a digital soapbox.

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