Top 5 Daedric Artifacts We Want To See In Elder Scrolls Online

Blaine Smith of Camelot Post writes:

Despite my many fond memories of earlier Elder Scrolls titles the most recent, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, topped them all. The beautifully crafted game world, the attention to detail at every turn; and the depth of the characters created one of the most immersive experiences ever seen in a video-game. To top it off the latest addition to the best-selling franchise from Bethesda also saw the introduction of arguably the best display of Daedric Artifacts in all of Tamriel. The game boasts an impressive selection of 15 Daedric Artifacts with only Jyggalag failing to make an appearance. With the unique application of each of these highly sought after treasures I got to thinking. What would be the top 5 Daedric Artifacts we want to see in The Elder Scrolls Online?

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