Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Unannounced Scholar Job Teased Further in Hilarious Video

Today Square Enix broadcasted the test stream for tomorrow’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live, and something quite interesting and hilarious happened towards the end of the stream.

Check the article for an explanation on what happens in the video.

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ashiksorel1966d ago

Wow they are certainly giving quite the number information about the game away pretty early. You don't see this a lot from Square Enix.

Abriael1966d ago

That kind of changed radically since when the first FFXIV failed. If there's one thing it taught them is the value of being communicative.

Toon_Link1965d ago

My wife is going to be excited if scholar gets included into ffxiv that was definitely her favorite job from FFXI.

phantomexe1965d ago

Kind of sucks that sam,ninja and thief aren't there. Samurai was my favorite and thief was a friend of mines back when he played XI.

Toon_Link1965d ago

I'm with you, SAM was my favorite job and NIN was also pretty awesome I just hope this time there less of a tank I really got burnt out tanking all the time.

phantomexe1965d ago

I agree with you and it cost so much to tank a party on ninja. I'm sure the'll add the jobs in time. I just wish it had been there at the start. Still getting it tho.

Swiftcricket1965d ago

Surprising they would add Scholar after mentioning themselves that they were thinking along the lines of Dark Knight, Ninja, Samurai, Thief, Red Mage and Blue Mage since that's what so many people are asking for.

Dorian_Greyl1965d ago

I personally think they are just planning to rename the Arcanist, Scholar. Hence the color scheme between the summoner and the scholar. But I do hope I am wrong more diversity in magic types would be nice before SAMs,NIN, Musketeer and thief types arrive.

Abriael1965d ago

That is possible, but it'd be weird to put the arcanist/scholar between the jobs in the job circle illustration if it was a base class.