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Post Arcade: "Fuse is a strong foray for Insomniac. It’s the Ratchet and Clank/Resistance developer’s first game that isn’t exclusive to Sony systems, and is a polished piece of software. It’s a shame then that Fuse seems to be getting so little attention, being released just before E3 with seemingly very little in the way of consumer awareness. (The lack of push on the title may have something to do with it being one of the last games being released through EA’s now abandoned partners program.)"

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Plagasx1995d ago

I'm really surprised at the amount of positive reviews this game has been getting.

Gonna check it out for sure.

Adolph Fitler1995d ago

Yeh, it's received about 2 positive reviews, & 20 mediocre reviews. Do yourself a favor & play the demo first, then play it a few more times, then read some of the better sites (more reputable) reviews, as the positive ones seem to be coming from the less known sites, or newspapers & magazines that don't just specialize in gaming.....which is, just be careful, as, at this late stage of the game, your better off sticking with the Gears 3, Unchartered 3's, The Last Of Us's, Grid 2's, etc, etc, that already have, & will be continuing to leave our wallets less full.

Insomniac need a kick up the arse, & need to get back to Sony & stick where & to what they belong,.......which is to start making awesome AAA+ Ratchet games again, instead of the last couple of declined quality shit stains on/in the series.

So, please get back to making what I loved about the Ratchet series, & start evolving the series in the ways that will take the 3D platformer series forward, as well as "HOPEFULLY" getting the genre popular to the masses again....I mean, what happened to the 3D platformer needs a resurgence desperately, so while XFlopOne gets Kinect 2 games for the family, hopefully Sony will encourage inhouse & 3rd party developers to start making awesome AAA+ quality 3D platformers, as it is THE BEST genre for THE WHOLE family, as well as just an awesome genre for any age gamer in general.....I mean, I can play these games & honestly be having as much fun, if not, more, than any other genre, (including FPS's), I can safely play them in front of & with my kids, without my nagging missus, screaming, "turn that off, while the kids are here/still awake.

Adolph Fitler1995d ago

Very disappointed at the piss poor no. of high quality games in the genre, this entire gen. And, Knack seems to be a great start to the next gen. for the 3rd person platformer genre....
I would really love to see Insomniac hammer out a Ratchet that is as revolutionary as the 1st in the series on PS2 was for it's time, as well as the fact I'd kill my own father, for a new Medievil, bring back Dan Fortesque, please Sony????, & to add to those, a Jak & Daxter that is like the 1st (without the weapons & crap that felt tacked on, & forced into an already awesome game, for the sole reason to compete with Ratchet as well as trying to be the kiddie alternative to GTA), also love a new 3D Gex, Crash Bandicoot (maybe a way to bring the series back from craptacularville_, 3D Abe's Odysee (made by original team exclusive to PS3 & PC)......
Enough rambling.....Insomniac....FUSE sucks, move fact, move back.....back to making Ratchets the best 3rd person platformer available on any system, (yep, that includes the short, fat, gay, overall wearing, wop, plumber that over saturates Nintendo consoles & handhelds) the mass of Ratchets that adorned PS2, were all kickass, & T.O.D., & especially A Crack In Time, was the best in the series & introduced some awesome puzzle-esque elements that made it the best in the series on PS3, when they starting F.U.B.A.R-ing it up with All 4 One, & gradually going further down the drainpipe (like a Chinese newborn), with each new game in the series, was just heartbreaking to see.

Oh, & as well as that, RESISTANCE 4 MOTHERF%$AAAA'S, is my favorite 1st person shooter this generation, for it's campaign & storyline, as well as the original alien enemies......and although it ran at 30fps, as opposed to Crysis's, COD's & others 60fps, it was still soooo smooth controlling & a joy to play with the DS3 controller. So, Resistance 4 running on the new PS4 Killzone engine would make me estatic, especially if they can replicate that awesome, lag free competitive multiplayer that Resistance 1 had, with 40 players running around, (something that no 360 game has been able to do, undermining the MS fanboys supposed LIVE superiority over PSN. Not to mention, the sequel's (the imaginatively titled Resistance 3) 60 player lagfree online experience. I mean, Insomniac managed a 40 player online FPS multiplayer experience, on the PS3's bloody these guys are talented MoFo's....