Kinect is the Best Console Peripheral Ever: Ironically

BigBoxGaming- "Ironic because of what it has come to represent; gimmicky, casual games, forced agendas…at least for now.

In a different light Kinect has a lot of potential. From a technology standpoint, the demos coming out for Kinect with the Xbox One are pretty amazing. You would think it wouldn’t take developers much time to find ways to incorporate those features into their games by introducing new mechanics. Unfortunately, for Kinect and Microsoft, that hasn’t really happend yet. When looking at the current generation and Kinect 1.0, the peripheral never found a home with core games. The easy applications have been in group gameplay setting with more “party” centered titles.  This, in addition to the low number of people that could play last gen, helped create the current reputation Kinect is enjoying."

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caleb47791971d ago

Just imagine what Nintendo would have done with Kinect.

I doubt we would be having this problem right now.

Godmars2901971d ago

They did and it was called the Wiimote.

It didn't work out to well. For anyone in the industry.

happyguy2711971d ago

Yes, because we all know how much the Wii struggled.

Microsoft is trying to please everyone and is alienating their fans in the process. Nintendo has never had that problem.

Kinect should stick with what it is good at, and that isn't hard core games.

Urusernamesucks1971d ago

Did not work too well?

that shit sold 100 millions!
Mario kart on the wii was fun, and so was wii sports.

aCasualGamer1971d ago


Apart from all the great games from first party studios at Sony and some really great third party games, the highlight of this generation was Nintendo Wii and the awesome experience it brought.

You can never take that away from Nintendo, they nailed it with Wii. Wii U is a completely different story, but you can't take shit from Nintendo in terms of Wii.

When i saw how happy my mother got and how much joy she experienced when playing Wii sports against my siblings, i thought to myself, "thanks Nintendo".

Sure, it didn't have HD and the processing power was too weak for those really great AAA titles. But nevertheless Nintendo nailed it with Wii.

1971d ago
zebramocha1971d ago

@godmar the wii was successful but the tech didn't work like people thought.

morganfell1971d ago

"Yes, because we all know how much the Wii struggled."

It did struggle because games > sales. One would think with all the money they raked in they would have done a better job of depth in the games roster.

You can't play a sales receipt.

In terms of titles of quality the console finished dead last.

For me personally, the best peripheral has been the new PS Headset followed closely by the Sharpshooter - once you nail it you are lethal in KZ3.

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CommonSenseGamer1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yeah, cause the CIA have nothing better to do than watch people play games. Honestly, CIA can learn more about you from what you freely post online through a multitude or websites anyway.

They should call all CIA-Book and not Facebook.

NameRemoved00171971d ago

No they would be looking for kids doing drugs mainly.

ShwankyShpanky1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I always love the argument that "the CIA/government has better things to do than watch you." And hey... you're right... the people have better things to do... like study the reports that are spit out by the supercomputers that process and analyze just about every single piece of sigint/comint in the country (and much of the world). [edit: sigint: signals intelligence, comint: communications intelligence]

I can sometimes understand when the general public doesn't have any real concept of what computers can do nowadays, but I would hope gamers would be a little more informed.

>>Honestly, CIA can learn more about you from what you freely post online through a multitude or websites anyway.

>>They should call all CIA-Book and not Facebook.

That I can agree with.

omi25p1970d ago


If you truly believe that the CIA spend millions of hours and millions of dollars watching every single user in the world to see if they are doing drugs, then you are a fool.

ShwankyShpanky1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )


If you truly believe that the government does not use keyword software that can analyze every communication and isolate selected exerpts based on a preselected criteria, then you are a fool.

And while many people seem to like to default to this "they can't watch everyone" position (and yeah, they sort of can and do), there's the others that prefer to go for the "I'm/you're insignificant and one cares what you're doing" angle on the issue, which fails to address the issue of targeted monitoring. So many stupid comments from people about "I don't care if MS watches me play Halo in my boxers." What if you were involved in legal action against MS or one of their partners/subsidiaries (or just some other billionaire CEO buddy of Bill Gates)? Don't think that an audio/video stream into your house might be of interest to MS? Or maybe someone's an activist against a government position on one issue or another... you don't think that audio/video feed into their living room might be of interest to the government?

"All I do is sit on my ass all day playing CoD in my underwear... so why should anyone else care about a monitoring device in their home?"

Just because what *you* do in your livingroom may be insignificant, the same does not apply to everyone.

Then there's always the potential issues related to hackers or unscrupulous, voyeuristic employees of any of the companies involved in the Xbone data stream.

So fucking naive. So fucking myopic. So fucking childish.

(and let's not fool around with idiocy about "if you're worried, just unplug it." That such a precaution should need to be taken with your *video game console* is god damn ridiculous)

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gabescow1971d ago

Kinect tech is overkill for hardcore games, too much based on movement.

But it's perfect for the casual market.

Shadonic1971d ago

I agree though it can work it wouldn't be that fun unless its done in a good way.

1971d ago
rainslacker1971d ago

I swear it's like edonus has a Kinect-sense whenever someone talks negatively about the Kinect. He's like a superhero coming in to dispense his anti-venom against all the biased media which has clouded our minds with vitriolic libelous claims of the devices worth.

o-Sunny-o1971d ago

PERFECT ! After stealing Eye Toys idea...Sony should of sued.

UNGR1971d ago

It's completely different technology, your ignorance has been noted.

cooperdnizzle1971d ago

Talk about ignorance, It is almost 100% the same Tech. Your stupidity has been noted!

UNGR1971d ago

The tech inside the the device, and how it tracks is entirely different, clearly you're taking this out of context, folks. I never said the use was different, again, ignorance has been noted.
Just to point out how stupid Sunny's comment was I guess Nintendo should sue Sony over the Move? Or does it not matter because they have patents on the tech? Same goes for Microsoft because they also have patents on their technology. Same situation, don't act like a fanboy, just makes you look bad.

josephayal1971d ago

WOW amazing new technology

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