GameAlmighty: Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None Review

GameAlmighty writes: "If you've ever played an Adventure Company point-and-click game, you know precisely what to expect here: stiff character models, fairly pretty (but static) backdrops thanks to the 2.5D Engine, and a curser that you guide across the screen to reveal the clues for whatever mystery the game is about.

In Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None, based on Christie's incredibly famous mystery novel of a much more politically-incorrect name, the player controls an imaginary extra character, Patrick Narracott, a replacement boatman who works to solve the mystery (which has a different ending from the book, for those that are curious), but other than that, the narrative of the game follows the book exceedingly closely. Ten people have been invited by the Owens family to stay at a mansion on Shipwreck Island. But after their ship is sabotaged, the guests begin to drop one by one, murdered for their own sins by an unknown assailant – who must be one of the guests."

The Good:
• Very well written, with a different ending from the book.
• Extremely good voice acting.

The Bad:
• Visuals are ancient.
• Pace is slow – almost railroaded.
• Puzzles feel tacked on occasionally, and have weird solutions.

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