Preview: Killzone: Mercenary could be the first great Vita first-person shooter -

The first thing I noticed about Killzone: Mercenary when I got a chance to play it at a recent Sony E3 preview event in Santa Monica, was how impressive the graphics are.

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sherimae24132021d ago

the visuals will be a stunner for this game
i know guerrila can polish up the controls...
i have faith in them! besides september is still far enough ^_^

Maddens Raiders2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

"Preview: Killzone: Mercenary will be the first great Vita first-person shooter -"


pat_11_52021d ago

Damn. Haven't heard that one before. You're so creative!

Williamson2021d ago

Nah, the name of the site is fine as it is.

2021d ago
pat_11_52021d ago

I was pretty damn impressed with it.

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jensen862021d ago

yeah im not guna lie iv had a vita since day one n iv not bought to many game. but this looks like the first title im guna buy n proper enjoy

2021d ago
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