GameAlmighty: God of War: Chains of Olympus Review

GameAlmighty writes: "Kratos has been shrunken down, in more ways than one. The PSP offering of the bloodthirsty Spartan is decidedly shorter than its PS2 predecessors, but in the 4 hours or so you spend with Kratos you will still manage to have a damn good time.

This chapter of Kratos' story takes place before everything that happened in the original PS2 game. You are still the slave of the gods charged with keeping the peace and doing their bidding. This time around you have to stop the invading Persian army while also dealing with the threat of a Titan fresh out of jail. The sun god has been struck down and you must run through the hordes of enemies that the mysterious Morpheus has spread across the land. That is the basic explanation of 90% of the game. There isn't much room within the few hours of screen time to make a much more elaborate story than that."

The Good:
• Good controls make combat a breeze
• Graphics are very pretty considering the platform
• Good story

The Bad:
• Very short
• Lacking in big boss fights

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Brian52473956d ago

No reputation = garbage gaming website.

crck3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

on their first try. I finished it in about 6.5 hrs and I would consider myself of average skill as a gamer. But I guess one guy said he beat it in 5. So someone has to come out and say they beat it in 4. I guess next week someone will say it took them 3 hours.

TheGamer3955d ago

He must have been on crack for giving this a 8.2

Kratos doesnt deserve anything less than a 95. I finished in about 6 hrs and I am pretty good with GOW games.

DRUDOG3955d ago

I've got a hardcore gamer friend who has played both PS2 versions (IOW, he's got some experience with GoW) and he hasn't finished it at the seven hour point. I'd call BS on anything under five hours when pretty much every outlet reviewing it has stated something around that timeframe.

Homicide3955d ago

I finished this in 4 hours as well. Great PSP game. I've played both console games, so I pretty much know the moves and tricks.

AllroundGamer3955d ago

it took me 5.5 hrs on normal difficulty and then 5 hrs finishing the god mode (because i knew where should i go, but i collected all the eyes and feathers from the chests). I just can't pass the 4th challenge, where you should brake all the objects on the stage :(

sevanig3955d ago

I enjoyed this more than the 1st 2 games...

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