My day in Redmond: A brief look at Microsoft’s Xbox campus

ARS: With all the announcements coming from Microsoft this week, it was genuinely exciting to be in attendance at the company's recent Xbox One reveal event. It was exciting not only because we witnessed a new entry in the console wars firsthand, but the trip also provided a rare opportunity to access Microsoft's Xbox campus in Redmond, Washington.

While Ars wasn't allowed to take video or photos during some of the best parts of the guided tour, this video from Gaming Editor Kyle Orland should help capture the look and feel of a day that was packed with news.

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o-Sunny-o1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Exciting or a borefest..?

andrewsqual1967d ago

Now renamed to Ground Zero. 21st May 2013, never forget.

Sitdown1967d ago

"Now renamed to Ground Zero. 21st May 2013, never forget."

Yeah, cause the site of the reveal not necessarily intended for the audience doing the most complaining is the same as the twin towers being destroyed and loved ones losing their lives. Cheers.

Blacktric1967d ago

"The location of any disaster"

This is one of many definitions of the term "ground zero".

Oh and trying to blame the guy for "comparing Xbox One reveal to 9/11" is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen someone do on this site. That wasn't obviously his intention, so calm down.

defiance1871967d ago

to be fair he did use the 9/11 slogsn

Saints941967d ago

Did you have to pay to go in each room individually?

Gridloc1967d ago

No just the restroom, and parking...

SpinalRemains1967d ago

Since when does ground zero have to exclusively refer to lower Manhattan?

Perhaps he meant a bomb dropped.
Which it did