PlayStation 4 and PS3 controller comparison (animation)

An animated comparison of the PlayStation 4 and PS3 controllers.

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Arai1969d ago

DS4 runs circles around DS3, seriously it makes the DS3 looks like child play.

psyxon1969d ago

I initially didn't like it. Not too sure why. But I've fallen in love with it recently. Can't wait to use it.

Abash1969d ago

I love how they made the DS4 wider

psyxon1969d ago

Me too. I love pretty much everything about it now. Curious to see how the touchscreen will be utilized.

Errefus1969d ago

ya, i like it a lot, not sure about the touch pad, i imagined a small touch screen there before they showed the controller imop it would have been better to manage messages, check trophies etc.. when playing a game... other than that i cant wait to get that controller in my hands.

ogwilson1969d ago

Love the DualShock 4. Don't really care about the touchpad, tho.

Gamercore1969d ago

Right before the PS4 was unveiled, I commented saying they'd better update the controller.

Some Sony fanboy said they didn't need to, and that the DS3 was perfect. DS4 absolutely creams it.

Wintersun6161969d ago

I really want to get my hands on the DS4 ASAP.

J0Scorpionake1969d ago

Overall it looks better, but I still don't like the triggers :S

Only when I feel it in my hands I will know how they work. :)

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