Joytech announce Control Center 54C

A couple of fresh pictures have arrived showing Joytech's all-new control centre which is nicely styled in curvy plastic to perfectly compliment your Xbox 360.

The control centre is specially designed for those of you with lots of plugs but not enough input sockets on your display equipment. It comes equipped with a plethora of little sockety shaped things where you can plug in all your various games consoles and DVD players via its various techy sounding sockety names. Then - like magic - using smoke, mirrors and secret forces that only Siegfried & Roy could understand output them via one cable to your telly box. Like wowser man! That's just what you need! Isn't it?

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willymcd5891d ago

i got a RCA one from wal-mart ($crew you wal mart) for $20 it has 3 component ins, plus s-video and vga, only thing is that you have to physically get off the couch walk to it and push a button that switches between video sources and it doesn't have a router, but it works great and is a cheapy!

PS360PCROCKS5891d ago

um wow this is super technical lol